Nuffnang Philippines Blogger Of The Month Of April 2013

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Nuffnang Philippines Blogger Of The Month Of April 2013

Call me shallow but I’m just so glad to be Nuffnang Philippines Blogger of the month, finally! Haha! Yay! I know Nuffnang’s been around for awhile and well they have a thousand of bloggers in their network.  The timing might be odd and some might think it is an April Fools joke, but no kidding here.  And just to make sure, I screen captured it for my viewing pleasure hahaha!

Screencap from Nuffnang Philippines Facebook Page

blogger of the month
Screencap from site

Thank you everyone , my gorgeous readers, my generous blog clients, advertisers for the never ending support! Thank you Nuffnang for featuring me! Yay!

I promise to keep with informative post that is still me.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Nuffnang Philippines Blogger Of The Month Of April 2013

  1. Hi Ms.Earth. I am a blogger also and i found your blog thru Nuffnang’s feature. I am blessed with your story esp being a fulltime and devoted mother to your child. One day, I want to be as loving and devoted mother to my future child. Keep blogging and inspiring. May the Lord bless you more.


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