My 3 Best Things About the RealMe5 Pro

Favorite things RealMe5 Pro review

RealMe5 Pro was sent to me almost a month ago and I’ve been using it since.  It was a great timing too because my FujifilmXA-5 had to go to the service center for repairs. Now, honestly I think I can live without my XA-5 and just use this RealMe5 Pro. Why?

Here are my 3 Best Things about the RealMe5 Pro.

1) Long , as in real long battery life. (4,035mAh battery w/ VOOC 3.0 flash charge support (20W))

You can say that I am a heavy mobile phone user. Albeit not gaming a lot, I take a lot of videos, edit a lot of videos , write and browse social media all day when I’m awake.  Even when I’m asleep my data is on.  My ultimate test of how long the RealMe5 Pro battery can last was this post I made on my Facebook about it.

“Fully charged my #RealMe5Pro Friday the 13th, used it all day on the 14th as how I normally use my mobile done, chat, take photos, video, edit photos and videos while mobile. It’s the 15th at 5:41pm and my fone is at 8%. In fairness! Ang tagal ng battery life! I did not experience this with my other fone with the way I use heavy mobile phone user! No games but editing photos and videos, rendering and chat and browse wala pang half day lobat na.”

Added bonus, it charges really fast, an hour and your fully charged 100%

Favorite things RealMe5 Pro review

2) The camera  is a monster , rear and front camera! 48MP F1.79 Sony IMX 586 main + 8MP F2.25 ultrawide (119-degrees) + 2MP F2.4 portrait + 2MP F2.4 Macro Quad Rear Cameras
16MP F2.0 Sony IMX471 front camera

Nightscape Mode

I’ve been using the nightscape mode a lot since I had the RealMe5 Pro and I am mega impressed.  While it takes 3 seconds to take that wonderful picture, the wait is all worth it. It takes well lot, well defined, less noise photos that looks like taken by a pro DSLR camera with all the aperture and stuff adjusted.

Here’s a couple of nightscape shots I took with the RealMe5 Pro, taken new year’s Eve lights are off just led flicking lights and Christmas lights.

RealMe5 Pro sample shots nightscape mode RealMe5 Pro sample shots nightscape mode RealMe5 Pro sample shots nightscape mode RealMe5 Pro sample shots nightscape mode RealMe5 Pro sample shots nightscape mode

Portrait Mode Selfie Shot

RealMe5 Pro test shots RealMe5 Pro test shots

Portrait Mode (Rear Camera)

Best things about the RealMe5 Pro test shots

Best things about the RealMe5 Pro test shots

3) Taking videos is a breeze with it’s built-in video stabilizer and 10x zoom option!

I took videos of the Annular Solar Eclipse and my Realme5 Pro with it’s 10x zoom was able to take beautiful videos as it happen!  Watch this!

Meanwhile the stabilizer is great, I just handheld the RealMe5 Pro while the light show in Ayala Triangle was happening and it looks really decent!  Even when I pan the cam it looks like I’m using an osmo or it’s on a steady tripod.

Watch this!

Another example was when Henry Cavill was here for The Witcher promo I can’t help but zoom in to his face while filming him during the press on and it looks good!

Watch this!

Do I recommend the RealMe5 Pro?

As a blogger/ vlogger I am very much relying on photos and videos. Having a good camera is our best investment.  The RealMe5 Pro is pretty decent phone camera to own and I must say it’s as good as , and even better than my Fujifilm XA-5 (and I really loved that camera!).

If you are looking to start vlogging or blogging and want a handy phone camera that you can use, the RealMe5 Pro is  good choice.  Price wise it’s not over Php15,000. Mine was the 128GB Memory so it can store tons of videos and photos which I love!

Basic specs you want but amazing as well:

  • 6.3-inch FHD+ (2340 x 1080) Dewdrop full-screen displayQ
  • Snapdragon 712 2.3GHz 10nm octa-core CPU
  • Adreno 616 GPU
  • 4GB, 6GB, 8GB RAM
  • 64GB, 128GB UFS 2.1 storage
    dedicated microSD card slot

As for the look I got the midnight blue and it’s pretty sleek looking!

Don’t take my word for it, get one or test one at a shop!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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