AOTD: LAME Feather Earrings

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AOTD: LAME Feather Earrings

Last week, I got a set of accessories from Look At Me Everyone (L.A.M.E.) Accessories!

I decided to wear a few piece to match the summery vibe of my outfit for the intimate dinner with two hunks followed by a super celebrity filled flip flop making event the other day. I wore the ostrich feather earrings and one of the red braided chain bracelet with a gold chain.


Oh! I know what you are all thinking. That Halo-Halo is HUGE!



This LAME Feather Earrings is definitely a head turner! Look at the men (Luke Landrigan and Luke Jickain) I caught wearing it! Haha!

Luke Landrigan and Luke Jickain favorite blogger


Even the beautiful ladies (Bianca Valerio and Isabel Roces) love it!
We love Havaianas #MYOH with Bianca Valerio and Isabel Roces

It doesn’t just make people look, but they are drawn in! Haha!

If you would like to get the same earrings or a different type of accessories you may check out LAME Accessories on Facebook. Believe me their accessories are not that lame at all!

How about you, would you dare wear such screaming big and bright colored earrings?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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One thought on “AOTD: LAME Feather Earrings

  1. Those feather earrings look good on you. I haven’t really tried wearing huge earrings like those, and I don’t think I can wear them with confidence,like you did. I love those L.A.M.E. bracelets, though.

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