How to get a Bigger Bust the Natural Way

Second only to looking thinner, one of the things many women wish they could change about themselves is the size of their bust. Unless you get breast enlargements at a cosmetic surgery clinic, most people think there isn’t much you can do about your natural breast size. This isn’t strictly true, as there are many ways to enhance what you’ve got without going under the knife.
Courtesy of the fashion and beauty websites, here are some of the best tips for getting a more impressive cleavage the natural way:
  1.  Go for a professional bra fitting   The bra you wear makes an enormous difference to how big or small your breasts look. If you’re wearing the wrong size, or your current bras don’t fit your properly, your cleavage won’t be all you want it to be. This is why you need get professionally measured to find out your true bra size.  According to the team at the lingerie website Freya: “Over 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra with the majority of women wrongly thinking they are a 34B/34C. Wearing the wrong size bra can firstly be very uncomfortable, but it can also affect your posture, your confidence and ruin the look of your outerwear too so it’s really important to get professionally fitted.”
  2.  Choose a bust-boosting style   There are lots of bra styles around at the moment that are designed to enhance your figure in the bust department. Plunge bras, push-up bras and any bras with in-built padding are all good for creating an enhanced cleavage. You should be careful not to go too far with padded bras, however. If you push them up too much, your breasts will be out of proportion with your frame and figure and could end up looking like a boob job rather naturally curvy.
  3.  Improve your posture  You may not believe it, but standing up straight and having good posture can do wonders when it comes to making your breasts look bigger. By standing with your shoulders back and your chest slightly forward (not too much, or you could look a bit ridiculous), your bust will look bigger and your figure will generally look longer and leaner.
  4.  Use clothes to draw attention to your bust  The way you dress can make a big difference to how the proportions of your body appear. It’s all about balancing your figure and aiming for a womanly hourglass shape. Things that can make your bust look bigger include defining your waist with belts and nipped-in styles, as well as choosing tops and dresses with detailing (i.e. ruffles and texture) around the bust.

How about you ladies, do you wish to have bigger bust or are you happy with what was bestowed to you?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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