Fashion Field Trip: Sonya’s Garden, The Boutique, Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

I am now on my bed at our Sonya’s Garden “Pod” in Tagaytay as I write   am now on my own bed as I  update this post and the girls are still sleeping soundly after an all-nighter chikahan! I was able to sleep through and earlier than they all have even in between waking up because of loud laughter and shouting the girls are now on their own homes and beds I assume.  Imagine they all stayed awake until 4am on our first night at Sonya’s.  It appeared to me that the girls are over enthusiastic with their story telling . it is not a bad thing at all. I am not complaining though I enjoyed their company a lot.  I slept earlier because I was so sleepy and way too older than anyone of them to keep up with their energy! hahaha!

We went to Tagaytay to have a fun, relaxing, fashionable, foodie getaway  We had three major stops for this trip:  The Boutique, Sonya’s Garden and Bag of Beans!  An unplanned stop at the city nightlife by Tagaytay central.

On Our Way for a Weekend Getaway to Tagaytay
From the moment we were at our meeting place in Starbucks Greenbelt 1 up to the moment we were in the coaster, I knew immediately that it was gonna be a fun and relaxing weekend with a lot of great fashion and food to go along with us!  Look how we goofed-off the coaster!

If you are all wondering who took us for a weekend getaway in Tagaytay, it was Fitflop and the launch of their latest product the Fitflod Due  (pronounced as do-ey) I will tell you more about this amazing footwear later but this is what I can tell you — it is a Caffeine for your feet!

Fun, Fashion, Food, Relax
I am glad to have wonderful companions for this trip, the sweet and fun fashion blogger friends Cheyser Pedregosa of Walking Recessionista, Ana Gonzales the Fashion Commuter, Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equillibrium, Tracy Ayson, Mark Buenaobra of Style Bibble and Inna and Hannah of Style Manila.

Our first stop in our Tagaytay trip was lunch at The Boutique.  The food was superb most especially their grilled Hawaiian Rib Steak .  Super delicious and a must try!

The Boutique in Tagaytay

After that,we went straight to Sonya’s Garden where a sweet surprise await us! A warm welcome from the executive of Fitflop and staff of  the resort, they also served dalandan juice for each of us.    But that was not  the only surprise, aside from our lovely room/ home for the weekend, there was a gift from Fitflop waiting for us, our very own Fitflop Due!   It would appear that we are among the first to have them! Woot! 
Arriving at Sonya's Garden Tagaytay
When we were all settled down, a quick trip around our home for the weekend at Sonya’s Garden and some freshening up, we were whisked to the spa where we had our individual relaxing treatment.    OMG! I am glad I went to this event , the foot massage and back massage was something I needed so badly!  All my “lamig” and “pilay” melted away because of my very good attendant Lucy who also told me my back is getting a bit too humped I should try to sleep without  a pillow or I will continue to experience back problems and might be a candidate to scoliosis! Oh my!
A cooking demo came right after our massage treat but I was not able to attend as I got lazy going out of the room and decided to take a quick nap.  Then it was the program for the actual launch of Fitflop Due (pronounced as do-ey) was held at the dining area of Sonya’s Garden where they served an all organic dinner and a serenade!  Ms. Victoria Abraham was there to give a talk about Classy Business Attire and some other fashion do’s and don’ts.

Fitflop Due launch event at Sonya's Garden
 Uso pa ba ang harana?  Apparently at Sonya’s Garden, it is!

Serenaded by a local :)

Oh! Looky!  A flower in my salad!  Yumz?  Yummy! Have you tried?

sonya's garden all organic dinner

It was not in our itinerary and we didn’t mean to bother our sponsors for this trip, but we wanted to experience Tagaytay nightlife so we asked if we can use a ride to the city have coffee or some booze maybe and probably hoping to meet our soul mate perhaps? Haha!

experiencing Tagaytay night life

Our timing was perfect, we arrived at the center with fireworks! Real fireworks which was really a nice welcome! There were a lot of people out to have fun, there were bazaars and mime artist going about, live bands were playing everywhere and people were having fun talking and drinking coffee or booze! It was good indeed the better surprise was it was Primer Groups treat!

Day 2

Like I told you on the first few lines of this post, the girls slept late but woke up early! I took a bath and did a review on one of the beauty items on my overnight beauty and makeup travel kit.

While the girls were still asleeping momma sang was watching LOLZ! @paxieness @cheyzmeister @tracyayson @anagon

The girl woke just in time for breakfast, a hearty mix of continental and Filipino brekkie overflowing with Bacon, Adobo, Eggs, Tortang Talong, Fried rice and a choice of bottomless hot choco or coffee!

Breakfast @  Sonya's Garden
The girls were looking forward to our long morning free-time as this means one thing, we have a lot of time to do our fashion photo shoot slash outfit of the day (OOTD) or outfitey photos! Yes, you guess it right, the girls have a lot of extra clothes with the to shoot! Who wouldn’t do that! We all wanna utilize the beautiful backdrop provided by Sonya’s Garden lush greens, florals, lovely brick walkways, water fountains and a very rustic vibe.  It reminded me of the Ocean Isle beach nc real estate!

outfitey shoot at Sonya's Garden Tagaytay
After the shoot, we went for some shopping at the souvenir shop and bakery where I bought some greens (organic and freshly picked veggies!) and some items I can’t find here in Manila.

souvenir shopping at Sonya's

When we were done shopping, off we go to Bag of Beans in Tagaytay next to have our lunch buffet style.

Lunch and Photo walk @ Vag of Beans Tsgaytay
We also had a coffee appreciation 101 with one of their resident Barista. It was amazing how they were able to accommodate us on a weekend, the place was packed! I also adore the rustic vibe at the Bag of Beans!
coffee appreciation 101 at bag of beans

We also had a couple minute to take a photo walk and some outfitey shots before the coffee lesson.

It was sad that the weekend ended so fast. This trip is definitely one for the books, thank you so much Fitflop Philippines and Prime Group of Companies for this experience! I am looking forward to more fun adventures with you!

I will talk about the FitFlop Due on my next post.   Please follow them on Twitter @FitFlopPH and Fitflop Philippines on Facebook.

How about you,  how did you spend your weekend?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. What fun! One look at those “i” rooms and I knew it was The Boutique. My boys and I love that place and the ribs, to die for. Ah, Tagaytay, I so wanna go now! 🙂

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