Just Got It: Moringa-O2 Products

So, I got home from attending events today and this was waiting for me, Moringa-O2 Products from Ardent Skin Care , the makers of Gluta-C. I have heard a lot of buzz about these products. I also heard it won 3 beauty awards like the Metro Beauty Award in 2010, Cosmo Beauty Award and Superbrands. I really don’t know much about these product but I would like to see what the fuss is all about.


Clockwise: Moringa-O2 Malunggay Olive Oil Omega Herbal Moisturizing Lotion; Moringa-O2 Malunggay Olive Oil Omega Herbal Facial Toner; Room Mist inpired by Moringga-O2 Green Tea; and Moringa-O2 Malunggay Olive Oil Omega Herbal Soap.

Thank you Ardent Skin Care for these! Will try the out as soon as possible and will post my review about the above products as soon as I can.

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