Miyu: A Korean Whitening Skincare Line Specifically Made for Filipino Women #AnneyeongMiyu

When we say K-Beauty , the number one things that crosses our mind is soft, smooth, dewy, flawlessly white skin women. Because of that, all Korean made products and brands are highly patronized in the Philippines. A lot of Filipino women and now even men are so obsessed at getting fair white skin until now! However, one big obstacle most Filipino consumers of K-Beauty products face is that most of the products made in Korea are too white or light for our naturally tan skin tone.

Enter frame Miyu who proudly banners that they are Korean made whitening product line that is specifically made for Filipinas. Miyu (meaning beauty within you in Korean) is a brand-new Korean-formulated skincare exclusively available at Amway Philippines.

What made Miyu whitening skincare line is that it has Buckwheat which is proven to brighten skin and make complexion look fairer while nourishing it to its deepest layer. Buckwheat extract is a natural ingredient that allows skin to look more glowing. This was the finding made by Dr.Hae Jo, Miyu’s Research and Development Manager. Dr. Hae has lead the development of several of AMway’s trusted skin products like Hydra V Mist Device, Skin Analyzer and the Artistry Line of Products! Whoa!

Another thing that made Miyu appealing is that it is only a 3-step whitening skincare line of products that is affordable and effective. The Miyu 3-step whitening skincare line is composed of a MIYU 3-in-1 whitening cleanser, MIYO 3in1 Whitening Toner with Chagga Mushroom extract and Buckwheat Extract and the MIYU Whitening Moisturizer with SPF 30!

The entire set is sold at Php1,947 exclusively through AMWAY Philippines dealers. You can buy them seperately at Php499, Php699 and Php749 respectively. To find an Amway Dealer near you or to become a dealer visit amway.com.ph.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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