OOTD: Hats On? Hats Off?

During our island hopping trip in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, one of the essentials we are advised to bring was a hat.  I normally don’t wear hats because I don’t like any obstruction from my face or my head.  Besides, my head is so tiny that most hats would be too big for me (seriously!).   So for this trip, I tag along with me a straw floppy hat with floral embellishment, this hat is very summery and the size is not too big but just right.   Now be the judge, does wearing a hat look better on me or not and why do I need to bother wearing one?

To hat?

Not to hat?

To hat?

Not to hat?

To hat!

Yes, hats on is better because it is way too sunny outside!

What I wore:  
Floppy straw hat from Landmark
Sunnie from Fly Shades
Tribal summer dress from Puerto Princesa Palawan tiange
Shopping water resistent bag from Giordano
Flipflops from Havaianas
OOTD taken at Manukan Island, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Being out in the sunshine is a pleasure, but women need to be careful not to get too much direct sun exposure to their skin. Extended time in the sunlight may cause sunburns, overheating, sun poisoning, the potential for some skin cancers and general damage to the skin and hair.

While applying sunscreen is one of the best ways to block out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, it doesn’t help keep the sun from bleaching and damaging one’s hair and encouraging people to squint, which can cause wrinkles. Floppy sun hats at LuxuryLane.com pick up where sunscreens and other possible solutions to avoiding the sun’s damaging rays leave off.

Whether women are out for a day at the beach, running errands, doing gardening work, spending the day strolling at an arts festival or anything that keeps them outside in direct sunlight for extend periods of time, they need a way to help prevent damage from the sun. Floppy sun hats are a fashionable way for women to spend a full afternoon enjoying fresh air, sunshine and fun activities.

Luxury Lane features a wide selection of attractive hats for women to put on, along with their sunglasses and sunscreen. Women should check out the classic straw floppy sun hats that come in a stunning array of colors. Whether women like pastels or vibrant primary colors, Luxury Lane has something to satisfy their style. The styles aren’t limited to solid colors. There are also patterns, prints and many other types of accents.


So, yes, there you go ladies, the many reasons why we should put our hats on!

How about you do you wear a hat when outdoors?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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