FOTD: 3 Different Looks Using Natasha Beauty Duos

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FOTD: 3 Different Looks Using Natasha Beauty Duos

I follow two basic personal rules when applying makeup: 1) If I’m wearing very bold or dramatic lipstick shade I wear a very tame and light eye makeup or just the basic (eyeliner and mascara); 2) If I’m wearing bold or dramatic eye makeup I wear nude if not barely there just a hint of color lipstick.

This weekend, I got these sets of Natasha Beauty Duos and I wanted to try them right away.  The Natasha Beauty Duos I got composed of the following:


  • Natasha Lip Duo (a lipstick and lipgloss stick)
  • Natasha Eye Duo (a mascara and liquid eyeliner stick)
  • Natasha Mascara Duo (two mascara in one stick)

For the three different looks I created today I only used the Natasha Beauty Eye Duo and the Natasha Beauty Lip Duos in three different shades (Cosmos, Pink and Coral)


Following my basic makeup rules here’s the 3 different looks I created using Natasha Beauty Duos

Look 1: Bold lips Basic Eyes


This shade of pink, kinda fuscia or hot pink looks really bold, not too many wear this a daily lipstick, so I suggest if you wear it wear it with tamed eyes so the focal point will be the lips.

Look 1: Bold Lips Basic Eyes using Natasha Beauty Lip& Eye Duos

Look 2: Slightly Colored Eyes and Common Shade Lips


Coral is the most common lipstick shade Filipina’s wear on a daily basis because it compliments our naturally tanned skin tone. It goes well with nicely slightly colored eyes of any shade and color you like!


Look 3: Bold Eyes and Nude Lips


Nude lips is considered a bold lipstick shade as not everyone can pull-off the barely there lipstick look. There are nude lipstick shade that makes you look like washed off or haggard. To prevent the haggard look it is best to wear a nice shade blush with a dramatic eyes so as to enhance your look.

I hope you learned something from this post!

Which of the three looks I created did you like best?

Stay gorgeous everyone

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