K-Palette Eyebrow Pen vs. Makeup Factory Eyebrow Highlighter Review

I’ve been wearing minimal makeup for the past couple of months since summer 2013 started. The number one makeup staple I haven’t been skipping is my eyebrow makeup. I feel bare without it.

Here’s how my eyebrows look like with and without makeup:

Needle to say, well painted eyebrows look way much better than just bare. Plus the fact that too think eyebrows make you look older while a bit thicker and painted brows (with the matching color to your skintone and haircolor) makes one look younger.

I discovered two eyebrow pens in the market the K-Palette Eyebrow Pen and the Makeup Factory Eyebrow Highlighter and decided to make a comparison. It i up to you which to pick but I will give you an objective outlook of both.

Makeup Factory vs. K-Palette


Both looks the same. But if you look closely Makeup Factory brush tip is shorter than the K-Palette. Both are soft and easy to manipulate.



The first two top swatches are from Makeup Factory Eyebrow HIghlighter if you notice it smeared/ spread on my skin. The two swatches at the bottom ore from K-Palette Eyebrow Pen and it barely smeared or spread out on my skin.

Another swatch at the back of my hands

On my eyebrows

What I notice is compared to K-Palette, Makeup Factory Eyebrow highlighter have the tendency to fade away after a few hours of use. K-Palette stays the same for longer periods of wearing it.
Makeup Factory is a few hundred pesos cheaper than K-Palette Makeup Factory is Php950.00 at Makeup Factory while K-Palette is Php895.00 (pen tip only) and Php1,050.00 (for the 2way pen and powder tip) at all Beauty Bar stores .
Both can be used on its on or used with other eyebrow makeup like gel brows and powder.

How about you have you tried using any of the two I mentioned? If not what eyebrow makeup do you use?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I haven’t tried any of these two products. I’m really so clueless about make-up. The only time I get eyebrow makeup is when I go to the salon for hair and make-up when I’m attending special events, and that’s very rare! Based on your observation, the K-Palette Eyebrow Pen works a lot better. I’d keep that in mind if and when I decide to buy something for my eyebrows.

  2. earthlingorgeous

    gow Peachy get one na haha! a pen last for months depending on how often you use but once you apply it on like in the morning it will last until the night until you remove it 🙂

  3. I have yet to experiment with my eyebrows and have yet to buy my own K palette eyebrow pencil.This post makes me want to buy one, now na!

  4. antonella

    very nice

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