Vera Wangs Tips On Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress For You

During my time decades ago, June was the most coveted month for weddings. Brides to be do anything in their power so they can be June Brides! There was this old belief that those who get married in June will have a long and lasting marriage. Is there any logic to this? I have no idea but my parents are proof that June weddings last, so you be the judge.

At this day and age though, brides to be with their wedding planners and coordinator are already busy for the wedding day even if it is scheduled 6 months from now. December is touted to be the month where most wedding ceremonies occur. The logic to this is because the couples have more money in December and they also expect that their guests or wedding sponsors have more money to spend for their wedding gift.

Anyway, if you are getting married soon but still have no idea which wedding dress is perfect for you, Vera Wang shares some useful and practical tip for choosing your wedding gown on your big day.


  • On Necklines: A bride should consider her weight, height, bone structure and age,’ says Vera. ‘The smaller the bride, the shorter she will look with a décolleté; the older the bride, the less she should reveal.’
  • On Hemlines: ‘An A-line shape is always elongated. Worn full, an A-line can be extravagant without sacrificing slimness, while narrow A-line can be dressy or informal. This versatile shape also minimizes a heavy figure.’
  • On Gown Shapes: ‘A mermaid shape clearly articulates the curves of the body. Ideal for an afternoon or evening wedding. It also suits many body types: elongating on small women and extremely flattering on full body shapes.’
  • On Paddings: As much as possible do not use padding as it always looks artificial ‘Beware of fitters who fill in the bodice with extra bust pads to avoid making the necessary alterations.’
  • On Waistline: ‘An enormous gathered skirt always makes a grand and glorious impression. A full gown can create the semblance of a narrow waist or offset an ample bosom. But beware: this silhouette can be overwhelming on a petite bride.’
  • On Undergarments: ‘While the allure of a garter belt, sheer stockings and a thong is irresistible for brides, sexy undergarments are hardly the most comfortable foundation for the longest and busiest day of one’s life. Choose a plain, smooth undergarment with minimal frills and maximum support. Even under a white gown, the safest color to wear is a shade darker than one’s skin tone.’

With all those tips from Vera Wang, the most coveted dream wedding gown designer of our time,I  don’t know how you can go wrong with the one you will wear on your wedding day!

How about you what is your dream wedding dress?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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