Revlon Baby Stick For Lips and Cheeks Review

When I was in highschool I love those magic lipstick thingy, you know the one that looks like a lipgloss/lipbalm and when you apply it on your lips it turns red or pink depending on your body chemistry. When I got this Revlon Baby Stick for Lips and Cheeks , I thought it works just like that but with a cute chubby new packaging, well I was wrong. Why? Read on…

Revlon Baby Stick Review
Product Shots

Revlon Baby Stick for Lips and Cheeks

Revlon Baby Stick Review

Revlon Baby Stick ReviewRevlon Baby Stick Review
On My Lips

Revlon Baby Stick Review


Revlon Baby Stick Review
On My Cheeks

Revlon Baby Stick Review
What I think of it?

  • I think its one of Revlon most failure of a product.
  • It barely gives even a baby blush tint on cheeks and lips no mater how many swipe of the balm you do.
  • Packaging is cute but that’s about it.  Such a shame really, what a waste.

Do I recommend it?
No. It is such a waste of money and even production cost by Revlon. I think they stopped producing and selling this one already as you can’t find the info anymore on Revlon website.

How about you, have you tried this before?

Stay gorgeous everyone

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  1. @Serene hahaha that’s the point haha what a waste talaga parang walang nangyari sayang ang pagdevelop sa package maganda pa naman

  2. I think both of them looks just like the same on your lips. No change eh 🙁

  3. The small plastic tubes have lids that close securely. The sticks twist up and down easily, my problem is that Sunset’s tip broke off completely! Swatch carefully, these might break on you as they did with me.

  4. They both look the same on your lips. I was expecting a redder or even more coral shade for the red tube.

  5. at first, I really thought it was ALL WORTH IT! I was about to ask you if you could give me the other one, but then again, after reading your say about the product, I think I am gonna ask for another thing from you nalang for my birthday! (feeling close lang) hahah

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