Where to Buy Nail Art Brushes & Makeup Items Php500 Below

Just last week, while I was having a nail-art done.   I can’t help but wonder where can I buy those tiny brushes they use for nail art work in salons.   So I asked the manicurist where they got it and she immediately said it was customized for them.  The other day again at another salon,  I had a nail-art done and asked the same question and got the almost same answer, she said she DIY the brush from an old nail polish she don’t use anymore.

I didn’t give much effort anymore to find where I can get nail-art brushes.   Plus the fact that it is easier and a bitmore practical for me to go to a salon and have it done than do it on my own.   That is in comparison to buying my own nail art brushes or making one, buying nail polishes that I probably won’t use more than thrice before I throw it away, and the time I will spend trying to perfect a design.

Good thing  I browsed over Romwe’s Pretty Things sale that has makeup and cosmetic items sold for as low as Php100.00 and nothing over Php500.00!  I found some pretty nail art brushes that I  think I’ll buy so I can also make my own NOTDs (Nail of the Day post) and make my own nail art design!  Yay!


Nail Art Kit Brushes
Nail Art Kit Brushes


Nail Art Dotting Brushes
Nail Art Dotting Brushes


Nail Art Brush Set
Nail Art Brush Set

And then some nail art embellishments like colored jewels, sequins, stones,glitters and stickers

Nail Art embellishments an jewels

Nail Art Polymer Clay Fruit Art Stickers
Nail Art Polymer Clay Fruit Art Stickers


Now which nail art peg should I do first!

3D Nai Art Designs

I also found some pretty arty makeup stuff like rubber lip tattoo and fake eyeliner tattoo that I can use for my avante garde  FOTDs!  Look!

SZH0030 SZH0090


Fake  Tattoo Art Eyeliner

Aren’t they the cutest?

image001 (1)

Makeup things come again!  Eye Shadow PaletteMakeup Brushes, etc.

88 Pcs Eye Shadow Palette Color and Concealer Palette Concealer Palette

Do you like them? Go: http://www.romwe.com/manage_activity/Pretty-little-things/?blogger19

P.S.  They Ship Worldwide!    Happy shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Wooow! This post is so timely. We are in the same scene Ms. earth 😀 I’m also looking over the internet where I can buy those nail art brushes as I’m also planning to do my own NOTDs 🙂 I’ll check these stuff at Romwe. I love Romwe too! <3

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