What to Get a Baby for Their Christening

Buying for a baby can be overwhelming at the best of times, never mind when it’s an important occasion such as their birth, christening or first Christmas. With so many goodies on offer, it’s hard to choose what would make the best gift especially when most of the time, the new parents have no preference at all. Luckily, with George at ASDA, there’s plenty of choice on offer so that you can pick your favourite item for that special present.

Christenings can be a little harder to buy for than Christmas, birthdays and new births because the gift has to be something truly memorable. Christenings are a special time in many families, bringing people together to celebrate the naming of the child. Whether it’s religious and used to celebrate a faith or used to celebrate a non-theological naming ceremony to introduce the child to the world, a small gift will always go down a treat. What to buy depends on what you want to give – something practical? Or something that the family can keep forever, to treasure in a keepsake box?

Clothing is always going to be appreciated. For a christening gift, choose something a little special. Avoid practical items like babygros, vests or sleepsuits in favour of something a little more distinctive. Many parents will keep favourite outfits to look back on in years to come, when their son or daughter is not so small anymore. George’s baby dresses and boys’ outfits are superb quality, cute and varied and will make great additions to their wardrobe.

In many instances, guests will choose to buy something a little more unique and with plenty of ideas available, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

  • The traditional silver cutlery set will always be firmly at the top of any christening gift ideas list. A matching knife, fork and spoon in a presentation gift box, engraved with a name, date or image will remain in the family for years.
  • Wedgewood make some fantastic three-piece dining sets based around Peter Rabbit that are as popular nowadays as they were three decades ago. Dining sets and bespoke christening sets are available.
  • A St. Christopher necklace would be ideal as a gift for a Christian family. As the patron saint of travellers, the necklace symbolises the long journey that the child will be undertaking through life and will protect them as they walk it.
  • A money box or music box would be a lasting present that can be added to their nursery of bedroom for years to come.
  • For something truly special and different, perhaps you could organise to Name a Star for them?

Handmade gifts are fabulous if you’re a little stuck for cash. It doesn’t have to be much and the personal touch and effort you will have gone to will mean a lot. Whether it’s a homemade card, candle or individual piece of jewellery is completely up to you – use online resources to get a little inspiration.

Whatever you choose to buy, it’s the thought that counts and most parents would be pleased just with you being at the ceremony – anything else is a thoughtful bonus.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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