When I posted about my latest hairdo, the Loreal Korean City Style which is more of big curly sexy wavy hairstyle, I got a lot of questions regarding maintenance, and how it looks if I’m the one to style it at home and not by the hands of the experts in the salon, and if such hairstyle will also suit them, what other Korean hairstyle available etc. etc. Well,let me answer your questions about digital perming/ salon curled hair questions one-by-one in this post.

Will this curly/wavy L’Oreal Korean City hairstyle suit me? I have chubby, rounded face will this hairstyle look good on me?

Get this hairstyle if:

  1. You have fine/thin/flat hair as a curly/wavy hair will make your hair look fuller as it adds volume to your hair.
  2. Tell your concerns to your stylist.  If you are afraid of getting a curly hairstyle because you are chubby.  There are certain lengths and shape of the hair cut they can give you that will suit your face shape.   I also think too flat hair for a chubby face enhances more of the roundness compared to wavy hair as it softens your look making you more sexier.


What are the different Korean City hairstyle I can try out?

There are three different hairstyle pegs by Bangs Tony and Jackey as recommended by L’Oreal Professionel for the Korean City Style

These are the three Korean perm style created for Asian hair:

  1. Busan style or the Bubble Perm
  2. Gangnam style or the  See-Through Glam Perm
  3. Hong Dae style or the Pop Perm

How much is a L’Oreal Korean City hairstyle?

For Busan and Hong Dae style it’s Php2,800.00 for Gangnam style it’s Ph8,000.00

How does your new curly hair look when you style it yourself?

It looks like this!


Is it hard to maintain this hairstyle? Do I need to blowdry? What do you do to maintain this hairstyle?

Honest to goodness this hairstyle is very much easy to maintain. It is very low maintenance. In fact it is a wash-and-wear hairstyle you won’t even need a comb to style it. Finger comb will do.

But if you want to nourish the curls to keep it soft and shinny looking there is basically 6 steps you need to do to keep it looking as good as the day you got out of the salon.

Styling guide for the Busan style or the Bubble Perm


Step 1: After washing your hair squeeze all excess water and wrap in a towel to dry or at least not as damp wet.
Step 2: Remove towel after a few minutes then finger comb don’t brush or comb so as not to stretch your curls
Step 3: Twist your a little bit wet hair in portion.
Step 4: Clip your hair and do other things. You can cook, put on your makeup, get dressed, eat, brush your teeth. Put your hair on a clip until your done with your other chores.

You can remove your clip and finger comb your hair a bit and go wherever you need to go. It’s just as simple as that!
This is how your hair looks without any styling product

Step 5-6 is optional They are styling products you can use to make your hairstyle look livelier and it gives your hair the shine and body it needs


Step 5: after removing from the clip Spray with the L’Oreal Professionnel Wave Contour HydraCell to define and nourish your permed hair and style the hair depending on the desired effect.


Step 6:Spray with the L’Oreal Professionnel Crystal Gloss Techni.Art Long-Lasting Shine Spray to give it the shine it needs!


Easy, Breezy, Bubble Perm Hairstyle!


If you have more questions on digital perming and anything related to this post don’t hesitate to ask and leave queries at the comment section bello.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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  2. Wow! Gandaaaa! I like the Gangnam kaso verrrrrry expensive. Huhu. I can’t splurge that much na because I am a mommy already.

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