Cleaning Tips For Suede Jackets

Imagine you finally splurged and treated yourself to a mens suede jackets at, and within a week, you somehow managed to get it dirty. You know enough about suede to know that water stains it, so you can’t just toss it into the washing machine. What do you do?

how to take care of suede jackets
For major stains, the best option is to send it to a dry cleaner, who will be able to get that suede clean again. That can be expensive, though, so here are some tips for cleaning smaller stains or dirty spots at home.

  1. Before cleaning, use a clean bath towel to rub the jacket’s surface. This bring up the nap and makes the stains easier to address.
  2. Use a pencil eraser to tackle small, dry stains. Simply erase the stain as you would a paper. Make sure the eraser is clean, or you risk dirtying your jacket further.
  3. For small, wet stains, you’ll need to blot up the moisture. Put a paper towel on it, and then weigh down the towel with something until the moisture is completely absorbed.
  4. White vinegar and a damp – not wet – towel can work wonders with stains. Just be aware that your jacket will smell like vinegar for awhile.
  5. For stubborn lumps of dirt that just won’t come off, you can use a fingernail file to rasp them off. Be careful with this method.
  6. For body oil-related stains, you can buy a degreaser leather cleaner. These cleaners are made especially for cleaning suede and leather, and will not harm your jacket.

How about you, how to you take care of your suede jackets?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. This is so helpful Ms. Earth! It’s so hard for me to clean any suede jacket! >.< Thanks for sharing this. ^^

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