Look It’s About Me: Personalized Story Books Review

‘Good children’s stories do not preach. Instead, they educate for life, by exploring significant themes—as do good adult stories.’ The Business of Writing for Children, Shepard Publications

When I was approached by Look It’s About Me Personalized Story Books and Gifts for kids, I did not hesitate. I know the importance of books, I grew up in a library where I can just pick up any book I like and read or browse over the lovely pictures in it. Whenever I open a book I feel like I’m traveling and exploring my thoughts and dreams without breaking it or getting judged.

I had to be really careful in choosing a book for Tasha, my soon to be 12 year daughter with autism . I want a book she can relate too and is useful for her. As an 11 year old with autism she is functional non-verbal and assessed to have a mental age of 3-6 years old. Which means her mind is very fragile and can only take simple things.

So this is the book I got for her!

look its abot me personalized story book

Tasha’s Super Duper Birthday Party!

tashas personalized story book

I choose the birthday book because birthday’s happen every year, as you know a child with autism needs to be taught of things in he surroundings repeatedly so she can remember it!

What’s Inside the book that your kids will love most aside from her name all over the book?

tasha's super duper birthday party storybook
Get your child acquainted with animals she will never actually see up close

super duper birthday party animals
Put in the names of your child’s friends or even characters she adores or even her pets

names of people you want mentioned in the book
And names of the people in your child’s life

personalize the names of people in the birthday card
My daughter loved it, as you can see the book is very much used in any way possible. She loved when I read it to her in an animated way and she likes hearing her name as part of the story. She also enjoyed the sweet treats in the book like the balloons, cakes, and ice cream (the only word she can say right!)

Aside from the birthday story book there are other themes you can choose from as you can see below.

other personalized books available and price
Ordering is fast and easy and it only takes a week or so to get your book sent to you it is that fast or maybe slow for you but as you see they need to customize each book for the person you intend to give it too. The wait is worth it and the price of Php1,200.00 is a very good deal. The book is hard cover and the pages are shiny. Your kids will love it especially because they are the “star” in the book!

If you want to get your kids a Look It’s About Me: Personalized Story Book you may visit www.lookitsaboutme.com to order.

Happy shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I also want these books for my Ren, but unfortunately they are kinda expensive for P1,200 each. Maybe I will buy one for his birthday, I will have to save for it 🙂

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