Lara’s Little Skin Secret – Bio-Oil, Revealed at The Wine Museum

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Lara’s Little Skin Secret – Bio-Oil, Revealed at The Wine Museum

Last week, I was invited to an intimate dinner for a soft launch of a top-secret skin care product. The invite didn’t mention what it was but they mentioned that it was from Aspen Philippines and the product is the answer to women’s battle-scars particularly on the road to mommyhood – stretch marks.

The event was held at the cosy The Wine Bar in Pasay, it was my first time there but I loved the interiors, very rustic, minimalist and country-side like. It is a perfect venue to sit down with your friends and have a night cap.

The wine Museum

The Wine Museum
I didn’t know what to expect at the dinner until we were told that we will have an ultimate Wine Appreciation experience while enjoying our Spanish and Middle Eastern cuisine dinner.

There were six wine glasses set-up for each guest on the table. Precious Lara Quigaman was there to join us for dinner. She was the endorser of this magic new product. That we still haven’t seen as we were enjoying our dinner and wine!

dinner at the Wine Museum
It was such a fun night as we learned so much from each other. Btw, most of the invited bloggers for this intimate dinner are moms like me.

Dinber with Lara Quigaman for Bio-Oil at the Wine Museum

Wine appreciation at The Wine Museum
I guess the saying that a glass of alcohol can spice up good conversation. As while we were sipping glass after glass of wine and learning the difference of white and red wine and how to tell a good one from a bad one and which type goes well with which food, Lara was spilling her little secrets with us.

Dinner at The Wine Museum
Precious Lara Quigaman wine testing
She even showed us photo on the day she gave birth and it was shocking to see she gained a whole lot of weight. Looking at her now, the woman on the photo she showed us doesn’t look like her at all! Another thing I learned from Lara was about her post-pregnancy weight and skin care regimen. She is doing this cold-wraps treatment to burn her fats and uses Bio-Oil to improve appearance of her stretch marks!

Yes, she have stretch marks but after using Bio-Oil for 2 months she said you can barely see it not unless you really look close!

She said even her husband, Marco Alcaraz sneak-in using Bio-Oil for his face and temple area where he noticed an improvement of his dry skin. Lara and Marco both discovered Bio-Oil is also good for the skin (ageing and dehydrated skin) probably because of the Vitamin A&E ingredients.

That was Lara’s skin secret. Bio-Oil who has been in the US and UK market for many years now. Clinical test shows that 100% of it’s subject users showed an improvement of existing stretch marks. While 92-93% reported improvement in scars and uneven skin tone!

Precious Lara Guigaman for Bio-Oil
One of the breakthrough ingredient in Bio-Oil is the PurCellin Oil that reduces the thickness of the formulation improving its application and spreadability making it easily absorbed by the skin.

I tried it right then and there and I was surprised at how non-greasy and fast-absorbent it is, it didn’t felt like I applied too much on top of my hands. What’s good is it leaves a pleasant scent that is not oily (if you know what I mean.)

Bio-Oil is now available at all Mercury Drug nationwide for Php495.00 per 60ml bottle and soon will be out in other stores like Watsons.
To know more about Lara’s Skin Secret or ask Lara questions personally you may email her at or please watch Lara’s teaser webisode for Bio-Oil : there are 3 episode and 1 of them is a video of this event!
How about you, what do you use for your stretch marks? Have you tried Bio-Oil before?

Bio Oil Product shot

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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