What I think of Pnoy’s Emergency Broadcast

In summary Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) just said he is not the Pork Barrel King and that he does not want his DAP abolished or the Presidential Contingency Fund that DAP is not PDAF and that there is a Trapo trying to bring him down and his administration. He did not say what he will do with ALL the people involved with the #porkbarrelscam . He just wasted primetime TV slot to defend himself. Now tell me if that is not selfish? Definitely a Happy Halloween Trick or Treat announcement from the President of the Philippines.

I was disappointed with this emergency broadcast, I was expecting something bombastic like probably I will resign or I AM SORRY or I declare martial law like past presidents do in their past emergency broadcast. He was just like a rich kid who wants to defend himself of accusations and asked his millionaire family to buy all TV station time slot and ad I want to say I am not a thief!

When he was starting it felt like State of the Nation Address (SONA) all over again with the way he mentioned his achievements and all.

Here’s what I caught from what he said as he said it live:
– wala daw nagsabi na di sila magnananakaw o nagnakaw imbis kung ako masama lahat kayo masama rin damay-damay na lahat
– di daw DAP ang PDAF / pork barrel
– kailan ba naging masama na maghanap ng konstitusyunal na paraan para makagamit ang pondo ng pamahalaan (sosme parang state of the nation address lang ito ah!)
– diba noong sila ang nasa poder shame of asia ang tawag sa atin ngayon Rising Tiger na.
– sa halip na pagnanakaw napakinabangan na
– president social fund pagtugon sa biglaang pangangailangan gaya nalang sa ayuda sa mga sundalo na rumesponde sa MILF Sendong
– tanong ko makatwiran ba na tanggalin ito paano kung magkaroon ng sakuna aabutin ng 4 na buwan para makakuha ng pondo sa Kongreso.
– kung ikaw may anak sa ambo iyak ng iyak sabihin nalang natin na pasensha nalang?
– pagnanakaw ang isyu dito, di ako nagnakaw pero ung mga nagnakaw ang gumagawa ng isyu para lituhin gusto hilahin ang lahat
– tunay na konteksto
– mga boss marami nat ayong pinagdaanang laban di kayo bumitiw di kayo sumuko walang maaapi
– gustong idiskaril tungo sa ating mga pangarap. kayo mismong mga boss ko ang magpapatuloy at matatapos ng laban.

Now tell me what a joke of an important announcement right?

I was expecting like we caught the culprit of pork barrel scam as the timing was same as Janet Lim Napoles resignation Atty. Capuno.

Mr. President, next time you use EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMTNE ON PRIMETIME make sure it is something bombastic and worthwhile for everyone not just yourself. Just my two cents.


P.S.  I get you, I get him, he said he is not the thief and my fund is my fund. But the airtime you wasted you shoulda told what will you do with the real culprits #porkbarrelscam this is not kids play. IMO

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  1. can’t really comment – except for a person outside-looking in, he isn’t doing the country any good! lol

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