Men In The Beauty Industry

Once considered a predominantly female industry, statistics show that cosmetology schools are not just for women anymore, with male enrollment increasing over the past few years. Enrollment in cosmetology school is expected to increase by 20 percent by 2020, and schools are reporting higher numbers of men seeking enrollment in the field.

Misconception and Stereotypes
According to Adam Probstfelb, a cosmetology student who spent 13 years in the military, there is a common misperception that men are not cut out for the beauty industry, or that those who do enter the field are not masculine enough. He and other males in the industry say that cosmetology is about skill, just like in male dominated industries.

Increased Competition
Another reason some believe that more men are entering the cosmetology business is due to increased competition in male dominated industries. Many jobs considered to be male dominated are dying out, and jobs in the industry offer more job security than other types of professions, including construction. Probstfelb also says that he looks at his job in cosmetology much like he did as his service in the military, a way to serve people. With gender roles changing in many industries, including women who now play hockey, it should not be surprising that men may enter roles previously considered to be for females.

Marc Jacobs

Better Grooming
In addition to the changing stereotypes for men in cosmetology and the reduced competition for positions, men are more interested in better grooming than they were in previous decades. In past generations, the only option for men was to visit a barber for a haircut and shave, splashing on after shave and putting on a clean shirt. Now, men indulge in manicures, pedicures, facials and many other types of cosmetic treatments that used to be predominantly for women.

The increase of men in cosmetology classes could be a sign of changing attitudes towards men in positions previously held by women, just as some positions that previously were considered male dominated now have a significant number of female participants. Add to that the more detailed grooming habits men have developed and the loss of stereotypes commonly associated with male cosmetologists, and it is easy to see why more men are choosing to enter the industry. If you are interested in entering a career in cosmetology, or need continuing education classes to improve your skills in the industry, visit us online or contact us by telephone today.

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