Looking forward to Lanzarote

I recently met up with a friend who was telling me about her trip to Europe. She’d finished her travels with a holiday in the Canary Islands, off the south of Spain. The sun, sea and strangely beautiful landscapes sounded so amazing that I immediately started planning my own trip!

It didn’t take much searching around online to find last minute holidays in Lanzarote; as a popular Canaries destination, there are lots of deals going, especially if you’re just looking for a late winter holiday like me.

It’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular island – near to Africa, the climate is really warm and sunny all year-round. Apart from the chance to sunbathe and swim, one thing that really appeals to me is the environmental conservation on Lanzarote. There aren’t any big high-rise hotel complexes or concrete shopping malls to spoil the view!

volanic landscape

I’m fascinated by different landscapes, and looking at my friend’s travel photos I was amazed at Lanzarote’s beautiful, lunar-like appearance, formed long ago by the volcanic activity on the island. I’m planning to take a trip to the national park to see a house that’s built in five bubbles of petrified lava flow, and afterwards maybe eat dinner at a restaurant where they cook the food using volcanic heat from underground rocks!

There are fantastic watersports in Lanzarote, too, and I’ve found a surfing school that has a great reputation so I’ll be learning to ride the waves. I’d love to do some diving as well, especially because the seas around Lanzarote have amazing shipwrecks, caves, and all kinds of marine life, including the graceful manta rays

Of course, I want to get some relaxation time in as well so I’m thinking of heading for the shopping and sightseeing in the old town of Teguise, which used to be the capital. There are big colonial mansions and cobbled streets, so lots of quaint and fun photo opportunities! However, I’m told that the best restaurants are in La Graciosa, which is a tiny island to the north of Lanzarote. There are no cars allowed there, only bikes and feet!

It’s not long to go until I fly off to the Mediterranean. I haven’t had chance to see much of the Northern hemisphere, so it will be a really different experience for me. Have you ever been to Lanzarote or any of the other Canary Islands? Tell me all about it below!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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