I am a #ProudMorena: The 1 plus 1 Hair Coloring Promo by L’Oreal #WearYourColorProud

The moment you step in a salon, the girl in the counter will ask you what you want to do and ask if you already have a stylist. If you don’t have one yet they will assign one for you. Sometimes you get a good stylist, sometimes you get whoever is available. Sometimes they are nice to you, sometimes they are not. Sometimes they listen to you. Sometimes they don’t. But you can’t be rude with them because they have your hair in their hands.

With the launch of the Wear Your Color Proud by L’Oreal Professionel with their partner salons Bench Fix Salon, Bang’s Tony and Jackey , Henry Calayag Salon and Philippine Trodjman Le Salon there’s no guessing game which kind of stylist you will get. Once you said you are availing of the L’Oreal Hair Coloring 1 plus 1 treatment you get a good stylist plus a free coloring treatment for your friend same time!

I availed of this promo the other day c/o L’Oreal Professionel who booked everything for me and my plus one who one my quick giveaway. We had our hair treatment at Bench Fix Salon in Glorietta ironically I was not able to see my winner Mirzi in person she was able to send me her before and after photo !

Incidentally today is her birthday ! How I wish I was able to saw you before and after your hair coloring! Happy Birthday Mirzi!

with my stylist Bench Fix Salon Glorietta senior stylist Mark

#WearYourColorProud Majirel hair coloring by L'Oreal Pro Ph

The moment I sat on that salon chair he asked me what I want and told me what the best color for my skintone taking in consideration the hair color trends for this season. He also showed me the Majirel menu card where I saw some fun colors I want to try someday soon!

Majirel by L'Oreal Pro Ph
I wanted a lighter shade than the one I already have so he gave me something that’s not too red, not to blonde and a little matte ash chocolate blonde kind of color which is 12.4 from the Majirel Majilight color selection.

Mark told me not to wet or shampoo my hair the next day so the color will sink-in better on my hair and will last longer and the color stands-out better. Here’s my next day shot on natural light with white background so you can see the nice details of the color!


Oopsy daisy excuse the face, I had a facial mask on, I’m addicted to those lately!

This is how my new hair color looks like side-by-side with my daughter who has natural jet black hair (my natural hair color too!)

wear your color proud 1 plus 1
The 1 plus 1 L’Oreal hair coloring treatment promo at the salons I mentioned above will be available from November 11 to November 15, 2013! So If you are planning to have your hair colored do it now and avail of this promo!

#WearYourColorProud ladies!

I am a #proudmorena and this is my new hair color!

bench fix salon glorietta wear your color proud loreal

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. haven’t blogged about this yet. hihihi.. but I so love your new hair color!!! looks nice.. pretty rin ng winner mo! 🙂

  2. Love your new hair color! 🙂 Ako, I badly need to have my roots retouched. Planning to change my hair color na rin. Hoping makahabol ako sa promo. Will look muna for someone who can be my plus 1.

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