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I still haven’t got that chance to try that free laser hair removal I was telling everyone about but as soon as time allows me I will tell everyone about the experience.   I was prompted to write this because I heard most of you are having apprehensions with the treatment .  Some are worried with the extra cost while some are worried about the side effects.

I’m not sure what type of machine they have but believe me most of the laser hair removal machines are safe but it’s not recommended for those who are pregnant as the pulse light might effect the fetus.  But as a whole its a safe and painless procedure.

What the pulse light do is burn the hair folicles down to the roots which results to the delay of hair growth.  Normally, underarm hair starts to grows back 21 days after the treatment.  But it grows back faster with the usual procedure such as pluking, waxing or shaving.

The laser hair removal in chicago uses Aesthera®  it’s a revolutionary photopneumatic therapy that results in a long-term hair reduction of unwanted hair that is suited for most skin type.    This machine can be used in most of the parts of the body with unwanted hair.

However let me emphasize that one visit will guarantee that you become hairless in an instant.  It will have to take several sessions before you can achieve that but the number of session you need will depend on your body’s response to treatment.

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  1. @ Jes syempre sa unang try free that’s the catch actually kasi pag nasimulan mo hahanap hanapin mo na matagal naman bago mo kailangang magpa laser ulit eh. and you can stop whenever you want.

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