Beauty Before I Do: Shamcey Supsup for Facial Care Centre

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Beauty Before I Do: Shamcey Supsup for Facial Care Centre

There are two types of brides.  The blushing bride and the bridezilla!  Both are unavoidable because of the excitement that fills the woman who will soon be walking down the aisle towards the man he loves and they will live together forever (hopefully).   There are woman who reacts on stress differently so it’s either they become a super happy blushing bride or the super grumpy bridezilla.

But one thing is for sure, the bride wants to be the most beautiful woman on her big day, just like Shamcey Supsup, former Bb. Pilipinas title holder and Miss Universe runner-up, who is now included in the roster of endorser of the 30 year old Facial Care Centre, a premium skincare brand known for championing beautiful women, inside and out.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for Shamcey as she is slated to wed boyfriend and business magnate,Lloyd Lee, this December not once but twice!

Shamcey supsip showing their Save the Date

“I just want to look radiant on my big day and I know Facial Centre can help.” she said.

She told us the story of her skin and makeup dilemmas being a beauty queen. “Pag beauty queen, iba kasi and makeup. Hindi sya pwedeng fresh lang.  It’s heavier and people aren’t used to seeing us with fresh makeup.” Shamcey explains.

There was this incident when she had to do a back-to-back shoot out-of-the-country and the makeup wouldn’t stick on her skin all because the skin is already tired and irritated with too much makeup she’s been using.

Her body hair was a different issue altogether, citing difficulties in being able to show a hair-free body at demanding schedule.

“When I started, sinabi nila na para akongmonkey sa sobra kong balbon!  So I would wax everything as often as I can hole body pa.  Sobrang sakit!”   Shamcey shares  (Girl, ako nga UA at bikini area lang di ko na matake whole body pa kaya!)

But now she’s with her new skincare family, Shamcey couldn’t be any happier.  She has been going for combination of facials, a Revlite Total Rejuvenation program adn a LaserLight Hair removal program for her body which she said is “finally removing everything off!”   Soon, she’ll be able to look forward to never having to feel the pains of shaving again, once the program is over.

As for her tired skin she undergoes different types of nourishing and repairing facials and non-invasive technology for that unique dose of radiance.

And before she says I do, Shamcey’s  bridal beauty treatment consist of RevLite program for her legs and face.   RevLite is Facial Care’s newest non-invasive treatment dubbed the Total Rejuvenation solution for the skin.  Using the world’s most sophisticated Q-switched lasers  that emits a smooth and even heating to target and lighten unevenskin tone and hyperpigmentations and even cases like freckles and melasma.

For more information of the RevLite Total Rejuvenation program call (02) 892-SKIN.

To stay a gorgeous as Shamcey is a lot of hard work and discipline but with a skincare and beauty expert like Facial Centre the work is less much tedious.  I was just at her bridal shower courtesy of FCC and wow Shamcey look really great!

Shancey supsup for facial care center

Look at the size of that ring!

look at the size of that ring!
Stay gorgeous everyone!





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