Slimming and Skin Tightening Treatments

When people people age, starts to lose weight or gave birth, they undergo body changes that doing the normal things like dieting can’t just fix. It was a good thing that non-invasive treatments that will help tighten up the skin and get rid of the unwanted fats was invented.

It Figures Salon offers a number of Slimming and Skin tightening treatments that will suit your needs, budget and lifestyle.

IPL Permanent Hair Removal

Having a hard time coping with your dark spots? Is that faint mustache of yours bothering you? No need to worry, It Figures has the solution just for you. Try our IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment; IPL permanent hair removal or permanent hair reduction is a non-invasive treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to permanently reduce unwanted facial and body hair without affecting the surrounding skin. It is also the right solution for your dark spots, facial hair and acnes.

IPL works by subjecting your deep skin layers to pulses of intense light that can destroy specific shades of melanin and inhibit the growth of the roots of your hair follicles. With this, your faint mustache and unwanted hair growth will disappear almost instantly.
Body Diamond Peel

Can’t step out on the beach in a swim suit because of stretch marks? There’s no need to hide, our Body Diamond Peel is the right regimen for you. Just like the facial diamond peel, a diamond tipped wand is used to exfoliate the skin and remove any dead skin cells. This is done by applying a constant coat of micro abrasives on the surface of the skin where it is vacuumed up by the wand along with any dead skin cells. And like the treatment for the face, this procedure is safe, fast, non-invasive and non-surgical. After a few rounds with this treatment you’ll be out in the beach in your swim suit or in a sexy dress in no time.
RF Skin Tightening (body)

Discover your fountain of youth! Feel, look and be sexy by toning your body through our RF Body Skin Tightening procedure. This revolutionary non-invasive treatment makes use of radio frequencies to penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate the collagen within it. This stimulation causes a tightening effect that reduces wrinkling and sagging promotes healthy collagen production and drastically improves body contours. Compared to other skin treatments you will see instant and noticeable results in just a few sessions, essentially making you look slimmer and younger.
IPL Therapy

Do you wear pants all the time because you can’t bear to unwillingly display your “spider veins”? Are you fair skinned but suffer from uneven skin tone and dark spots? Does your skin look shriveled and dry? If you have any of these problems and are looking to get rid of them, then this treatment is just for you.

It Figures IPL therapy is again a quick, gentle, non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that makes use of intense pulses of light to treat skin deep irregularities like dark spots and broken capillaries. IPL procedures help restore your skin’s youthful glow by subjecting your skin to a bombardment of intense polychromatic light pulses that penetrate deep into your skin. These pulses can destroy specific shades of melanin responsible for your dark spots and stimulate the production of collagen which gives you a fresher and nicer looking skin. The pulse of light also removes broken capillaries responsible for varicose veins. After removing these broken blood vessels, your natural healing capabilities take over, reducing and getting rid of your “spider veins”, age spots, benign brown pigments, and redness within a few sessions (3-6 spaced a month apart). Once these skin problems are removed, you will enjoy a more even, luminous and younger looking skin.

Having trouble losing those last few pounds? Trying to get rid of those unwanted bulges in all the wrong places? Try out it Figures Ultrasonic Cavitation!

With Cavitation, you can easily lose those stubborn and unwanted pounds you’ve been desperately trying to get rid of. We can permanently remove unsightly cellulite with no surgery and very little discomfort. Our Cavitation procedure uses ultrasonic waves to disrupt the cellular structure of fat cells and reduce them to water-soluble glycerol for disposal in the liver or for use as extra energy. After a few treatments in ultrasonic cavitation, you can notice a reduction in your fat index as long as you keep to a certain calorie intake while taking the treatment.

Cavitation as a slimming method is both safe and effective and has countless benefits. It painless, you don’t need hospitalization, no scars after treatment, and eliminated fat is gone forever. Each session only needs a short period of time (30-45 minutes) so you can easily fit it within your busy schedule. So say goodbye to your bulges and fats now.
Ultrasonic Therapy

Experience Skin tightening to a whole new level! Our It Figures Ultrasonic Therapy is another non-invasive skin tightening technology that reduces fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging with no downtime, discomfort, and risk of adverse events. This is easily done through the use of ultrasonic waves that pass through the skin, depolarizing cellular membranes and making it more permeable. Dilation of blood vessels increase blood circulation which makes it easier to transport nutrients through the tissues and skin pores open up as waste products are forced out. Subsequent waves in turn, tightens and closes the pores. The final result: clean purified, skin with the tighter pores free of blackheads, well-nourished und supple. Experience instant noticeable result after each session and boost your skins beauty.

Electronic Muscle Simulation is a revolutionary way to slim down and tighten your body. EMS delivers gentle impulses that work to rhythmically contract and relax your muscles as they would during routine exercise. This is all done without exerting undue stress on your joints, back, neck, or any part of your body.

You will lose inches of unwanted fat, flatten your abs, tighten your buttocks and even tone and reshape those obliques. EMS/NMES increases blood circulation and has been known to relieve back pain and muscle tension. Relax, enjoy your treatment and then love your new body.

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