An Amazing Blow (Dry) Job That Turns Heads at Blo Blowdry Bar

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An Amazing Blow (Dry) Job That Turns Heads at Blo Blowdry Bar

Sometimes,when I have an important event or party to go to and I need a perfect hair for that day, I wanted to go to a salon and ask for just a blow dry job no cuts, treatments or color. But most salons have very pushy to the amount of being pesky hair salon staff that they will insist on having your hair trimmed (to the worst length or shape) or color or treatment that will take hours! You would like to cry out, “I just want a blow job!”

Fret no more. FINALLLY! A salon that does not cut, color or treat but just do blowdry services, Blo Blowdry Bar!

Blo Blowdry Bar at Nega Fashion Hall

I have been hearing this salon since midyear 2013 but I have not been able to drop by their salon coZ it was kinda far from me. I’m blad they opened a new bar at the new Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall, getting a blo job is now way much accesible.

Blo Blowdry Bar hair menu

They have hair style menu you can choose from and price starts at Php500.00 . If you want a treatment they can also do that for Php800.00 including the blow dry style you want.


The shampoo,cobditioner and hair care producfs theyvuse at Blo Blodry bar are amazing they make the hair super soft and smooth and lively! They can be purchased there too if you want. Just look at the Red Carpet hair they did to Iya Cosengco!

iya at blo

So here’s me before with my wavy hair remnants of the digiperm I had 6 months ago.

before getting a blodry

Now look at my after! I look so sweet! Haha. This was the Wxecutive Sweet style without the full bangs but my usual side bangs. I love it andbut onlg took 15 minutes to do it. The best part is m vhair feels so soft and it still got movement not stiff and dull.

after having a blo treat at blo blodry bar

Thanks to Blo Blodry Bar for having me at your opening day at the 5th level of Mega Fashion Hall.

Blo Blowdry Opening Megamall

Thank you to The Skinny Juicery for our healthy refreshments at the event.

Skinny Juice

Try them out ladies! If the style you want is not on their menu you can ask forbit too with additional charge. They also do outside the salon services for weddings and debuts.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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