P&G Launches #AquaBeauty with Olay AquAction and Pantene Aqua Pure

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P&G Launches #AquaBeauty with Olay AquAction and Pantene Aqua Pure

The body is made up of 75% of water and to keep our body healthy and beautiful  hydration is the key.

Inspired by the nourishing power of water, P&G launches Aqua Beauty its newest innovations in beauty care with the new Olay AquAction and Pantene Aqua Pure.

#AquaBeauty Olay AquAction Pantene Aqua Pure

Olay AquAction

With Olay ambassador Nikki Gil admitted that like any other women keeping her skin hydrated is a challenge.   Most people experience this in fact according the P&G study, skin is like a leaky bucket that constantly loses moisture to its surroundings. Breathing and evaporation from skin makes us lose up to 2 glasses of water a day!  Add to that environmental effects to our skin.

#AquaBeauty Olay AquAction Pantene Aqua Pure

P&G also mentioned  another cause of moisture loss — skin fatigue This is the loss of skin energy, which means the skin loses its ability to hold on to moisture, causing the “leaky bucket” to be even more leaky as a result. T

The new Olay AquAction with HydraLock technology promises to hydrate to deliver firm, bouncy and supple skin. HydraLock technology is a combination of two powerhouse ingredients that quench the twin causes of skin dryness. P&G has discovered an ingredient that is capable of outperforming hyaluronic acid, an ingredient known to fill and seal skin’s leaky bucket and seen as the current gold standard in hydration care. Known as WSK, this ingredient was extracted from the white jelly leaf, renowned throughout ancient Chinese history and modern times for its beauty- enhancing properties.

Meanwhile, Niacinamide brings the skin energy level of aged cells back to more youthful levels, so that over time, it gives skin the energy to renew itself, and make components that enable skin to hold onto its own moisture more effectively. The result is 12-hour non-stop hydration and skin that feels hydrated and healthy.


Pantene Aqua Pure

Not to be outdone, Pantene also unveils a new standard in nourishment led by Pantene ambassador Denise Laurel. New Pantene Aqua Pure is formulated for the woman who has complained that her hair feels lifeless and weighed down. Pantene Aqua Pure is designed to nourish your hair without the weight for light, clean hair and “the perfect swish”, as demonstrated by Denise.

#AquaBeatuy Olay AquAction Pantene AquaPure

The new formulation has hair cleansing and nourishment. But the difference lies in the rinse. Clean Rinse technology in Aqua Pure shampoo rinses off quicker to remove traces of excess residue that weigh hair down. Traditional conditioners sometimes made Filipinas feel like their hair was heavy and limp. Now, new Aqua Pure conditioner gives hair the nourishment from conditioner, while keeping hair beautifully light and virtually weightless. Hair that is light and has body is possible with new Pantene Aqua Pure!


I know the product info jargon sounds confusing to most and doesn’t mean anything until I can tell you what I really think of it based on experience.  At the moment I got hold of the entire range of the Pantene Aqua Pure while I only have the Olay AquAction Toner .   So it might be easier for me to say something about the hair product than the skin care product since the Toner doesn’t really show much of the hydration effect , might have been better if I have the moisturizer itself.  I will see if I can get hold of the entire Olay range so I can give you a feedback.

#AquaBeauty Olay AquAction Pantene Aqua Pure

For now, Denise and Nikki loved the #AquaBeauty product so it must be good.   As for the guest at the Red Carpet launched we all enjoyed the food and the view!

#AquaBeauty Olay AquAction Pantene Aqua Pure

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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