This Blog is Blocked from View in the Philippines

Yes, you read that right. My blog is blocked from view/ banned for reading/ cannot be viewed in the Philippines. If you can read thisbyou are not in the Philippines.

How this happened? I am clueless. All I know is I’ve checked a dozen people and half of them are from the Philippines while the rest are from U.S., Canada and Middle East/Kuwait.

Those who try to view from the Philippines gets this message:

my blog is blocked in the Philippines

Or this
my blog earthlingorgeous is not viewable in the philippines

Those in Kuwait and U.S. and Canada don’t see a problem.

So I contacted my host. My host is from U.S. and they can’t see the problem. So he asked me for a trace route to see the root cause of this weird problem.

earthlingorgeous not viewable in the philippines

ISP problem? Does this mean all servers in the country has blocked Earthlingorgeous? Bht why oh why and how could this be?

Among the viewers from the Philippines I asked used different network, Bayan DSL, PLDT DSL, Globe Tattoo and SMART. So what the heck is happening?

When I was on my Globe Tattoo the other day 2 days ago, I saw the 404 error too but when I clear cache I can view again but the problem happens every once in awhile. I brushed up the issue until this morning when ablogger friend reader Aileen told me my blog is down. Shucks!

My host and I are still trying to find out what is wrong. If you can see this blog you are outside the Philippines.

If you are in the Philippines you probably won’t be able to read this post. And if you are and able to can you tell me what is your ISP?

Sorry for all the inconvenience from the Philippines.

Thank you and please keep on visiting until the problem is resolved and I’ll be back on track again.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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