Vivo V5 Plus Review + Sample Shots + Videos

Vivo V5 Plus Review + Sample Shots + Videos Philippines
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Vivo V5 Plus Review + Sample Shots + Videos

After the Chinese New Year my S6 Edge just died on me and I panicked because I don’t have a back up phone.  I gave my other phones to my sister and daughter because I don’t actually subscribe at having too many phones when you can actually get away with one.   Thankfully my PR friend handling Vivo V5 Plus, willingly gave me a brand spanking new unit, with no obligations whatsoever to blog or whatever.  But of course I won’t give them anything in return. I am more willing to give back the generousity and kindness by means of reviewing the fone and posting about it on my social media.

Vivo V5 Plus impressed me the first time I tried during their grand event at SM Mall of Asia.  It was the dual front camera with 20MP main and 8mp secondary camera was my most favorite feature.   You see I take a lot of selfies because of the beauty reviews I do.  I am also a phone camera user.  All the photos and videos are taken via phonecam only.  With that said, my primary phone should have a good phone camera.

So, how did Vivo V5 Plus fare with my requirements?


To test the camera capabilities I used Vivo V5 plus on a Live Facebook Broadcast unboxing a the L’Oreal Gold Obsession Lipstick I got.  The Product shots and video footages was taken with Vivo V5 Plus and it was good shots I must say.
Rear camera has 16MP and the camera interface has manual settings that can make your photographs looks better. Here’s some sample shots.

Sample Shots
Inside The Yungib ni Ruben

Masungi Georeserve Adventure Hike

Selfie Outdoors

Masungi Georeserve Adventure Hike

Shot of the Sapot

Masungi Georeserve Adventure Hike

Group shot

Masungi Georeserve Adventure Hike


Video quality was crisp and clear. Audio capture was good even if my voice was not that loud it was able to capture it.  It also caught background noises!   Photo quality was really good.

Watch my first Live Broadcast and Vlog using the Vivo V5 Plus

Battery Life

When I got the phone it was charged , so I waited until it drained. When I got the notifications that the power was just 10% I still kept using it. I am a hard smartphone user I tell you. My Wi-fi or Data is always on. I use Facebook, my emails (2 of them) , Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and browse other sites with it. The 10% batter life lasted for an hour of this kind of use! Charging it full took about an hour until it reached 100%.

I used Vivo V5 during my latest trip to Masungi Georeserve this February 1 and since I left the house at 730 am until we were at the last quarter leg of our 4 1/2 hour trek in Masungi before I needed my powerbank. I was able to take more than 200 video footages and 200+ photos with it the entire time.

User Interface

I have always been an android user since Samsung S3, to S4 to S6 Edge and I did not feel lost with it or anything. It was such an easy transition for me. As for those who have an iPhone or iOS user who tinkered with my phone, they all said it looks and feels like an iPhone! It runs in Android 6.0 and Funtouch 3.0.


This one has 64G Memory. Imagine how many videosa and photos I’ve already stored in it’s internal memory since I had it and it is not warning me yet of full memory at all. Plus Vivo has Vivo cloud where you can sync and store all the things you have in your Vivo phone. It works just like Google Drive and iCloud.

Vivo V5 Plus Review Philippines + Sample Shots + Videos

Do I recommend the Vivo V5 Plus?

Absolutely no doubt about it. If you are thinking of replacing your smartphones now, I suggest you give Vivo V5 a look. It retails at Php19,990.00 only and accessories include a jelly type case , screen protectors, screen wiper and a good quality earphones.

Vivo V5 Plus is my primary camera now and I am absolutely in love with it.


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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