#WIWTD 16: Earth Day 2014

Sad news greeted us this morning of Earth Day. A very dear friend and a brother-in-la I never had passed away after being in comma for almost 3 weeks. Maou Villaflores wherever you are now we will miss sorely miss your presence here on Earth.

Not a day in the park
Not A Day In The Park
Not A Day In The Park

Found a nice spot!

Ohm in the city
Ohm in the city! Positive Juju I need you!
Ohm in the city
Prayers for our dear friend!
Here comes the light! The golden sunset hits my face I turned into a golden statue haha!
When th golden sun rays kissed my face
What I Wore:
Top by Romwe
Denim Sculpt Jeans by Wrangler
Gel Slippers by Dupe
Crocodile Sling by CMG

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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