I Got Brazilian at Bare Skin Waxing Studio

Bare Skin Waxing Studio and Lash Wishes

There are things in life that you just have to try once, and this is one of those things — getting a Brazilian.

Yes, it was my first time .  I was afraid to try it out in other salons as I was embarrassed. I won’t let anyone else see what’s down there aside from my gyne and lover.  But a few days ago I got the courage to do it because I have a friend who was backing me up and she was the owner of the salon.   

Bare Skin Waxing Studio and Lash Wishes

When I entered the waxing room, I said I will only get a bikini wax but not a Brazilian.  However, their very friendly, professional and skilled waxing technicians at Bare Skin Waxing Studio convinced me otherwise so I did.

“Just tell me what hurts worst, giving birth or getting a Brazilian,” the technician said in local dialect.

Bare Skin Waxing Studio and Lash WishesBare Skin Waxing Studio and Lash Wishes

The room was very girly and posh.  I love the baby pink and white. Minimally decorated but it looks great already, the owner said she will put more decorations some time soon.  I love the bed, she said it was made by an interior designer friend.  Everything looks neat and sanitary.

What happened inside the room was for me to know and for you to find out. Hooboy! Now I know! (If you have any questions and clarifications and concerns let me know in the comment section I will answer them all!)

Shairawas a sweet young lady who made me feel comfortable about her, she assured me that she has seen a lot of vajayjay and one always looks like the other. Hahaha.   She also said she used to feel shy about touching someone else’s privates at first but now she got the hang of it.

“Please tell me if it the heat of the wax is bearable or not so I can adjust.  Also tell me if after I pull it hurts so we can ease down,” she said.  “OK!” I replied with a little hesitation.

Bare Skin Waxing Studio and Lash Wishes

So the waxing happened. I asked if they had any client who screamed at the top of her lungs, because at that moment I want to scream as loud as I could coz it hurts a lot!  She smiled and continued doing what she needs to do.  Since it was my first time she got all sweaty having a hard time with me but she was patient.  Hahaha!

Later on, the owners told me they had Iranian soldiers who went there to have a Boyzilian, (yes they do Boyzilian) and they screamed like girls and worst!  They filled the entire basement with their screams that the security people have to check if everything was alright.

I guess I am tougher than these Iranian soldiers coz I did not scream like that although I was sulking and calling out “Mommyyyyyyyy! “

Bare Skin Waxing Studio and Lash Wishes

What I can say about my Brazilian waxing at Bare Skin Waxing Studio?

  • They are very professional and amazingly awesome quality service.   If you have low tolerance to pain you might cry, but someone who gave birth already it is bearable.
  • It was nice to feel bald down there like a baby. it’s freedom.  Haha!
  • They used strawberry wax for underarm and bikini area and they have other flavored waxes you can try out (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry!)
  • Having a Brazilian bare all down there  hurts but not as bad as you have heard here and there,  the pain was bearable and it is not as painful as giving birth. Haha! 
  • The salon was very pretty looking with all the girly colors in it.  It looks very clean and sanitary.
  • Staff are very professional, friendly and thoughtful.
  • The price for a waxing service is not as expensive as the other popular waxing salons.
  • I will definitely come back.

Will I get a Brazilian again at Bare Skin Waxing Studio?

Yes and I will look for Shaira to do my waxing again.

Do I recommend it?
Absolutely.  It is one of those things you should try and see if you like and not do it again if you didn’t.  A Brazilian at Bare Waxing Studio is Php850.00 only!

Bare Skin Waxing Studio and Lash Wishes

Another off-the-menu service they do is Vajazzling.  It’s where they put cute swarovszki crystal designs on your vajayjay just for the fun of it.  Or you wanna be playful with your lover then get Vajazzled! Or you can put it on your butt cheeks if you want. Haha!

Bare Skin Waxing Studio and Lash Wishes

About Bare Skin Waxing Studio
Bare Skin Waxing Studio was established in 2009 offering a complete range of waxing services of best quality without the hefty price tag despite the brand’s imported wax from Europe and U.S.   Unlike many waxing salons, Brare Skin uses different types of wax per body part as it understands that hair grows differently on the face, n the limbs and on the body.  Guest can choose from either cool wax or warm wax but the studio encourages guest to opt for warm wax as it is less painful because the warmth opens the pores already.   For the limbs, Bare Skin uses rollers to ensure even distribution of wax and practically painless and super quick hair-removal experience.  In fact, the studio boast of the fastest leg waxing as this takes only 15-20 minutes.

Here is the service menu and price list

Bare Skin Waxing Studio and Lash Wishes
The Bare Skin waxing studio I visited is located at the basement of Cinderella at Glorietta 3 in Makati but they have other branches around the metro. Follow @bareskinwaxingstudio on Instagram and on Bare SKin Waxing Studuio on Facebook for more info and updates

Have you tried having a Brazilian before?  How was it and where did you have it?  Will you do it again or are you still getting brazilian?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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