#WIWTD 44: FOMO Addiction?

My smartphone is literally like a part of my body since God knows when, maybe since I started blogging and starting using Facebook in 2007.

I just feel naked if I don’t have my phone on my hands or just close to my body. I feel like something is missing or something is lost.  (Although I do freak out a little if I have not seen my smartphone more than 15 minutes when I’m out somewhere because of fear of pick pockets and the like.)

Does this mean I have FOMO addiction?

Yes and No.

No. Coz I work in the digital world. I need to check on my social media accounts, share info, reply on email inquiries, interact online with relevant people for my accounts. I’m as real as real gets with my sometimes dry humor only a few gets.

Yes coz I itch to share almost everything even the not so pretty things that will make OC ‘grammers cringe (you know the people who filter what they share and make their life look more amazing than the rest even if its not coz they only share parts of the whole picture).

This year I will to not make my smartphone like its surgically attached to me.

a little birdie told me

I will try not to check what the little birdie has to say (although I don’t go there much I’m more a ‘grammer and fb-er than a twitterer lolz.


This 2015 I’m gonna enjoy JOMO (joy of missing out!)


What I wore:
Top: Mint
Jeans: Wrangler
Shoes: Terry’s Shoes
Shades: Mango
Sling: SM Accessory
Smartphone: Samsung S4
S4 cover: Tech 41
OOTD shot by: RL Llanera
Taken at: Shangrila Mall parking area
“Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a very real feeling that’s starting to permeate through our social relationships. The question is — will we ever settle for what we have, rather than cling to the fear that we may be missing out on something better? Social media like Facebook and Twitter are making this increasingly more difficult.”-PsycheCentral

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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