How Can You Do More With Less?

Doing more with less sounds ridiculous in some ways but if you look at it another way it is how we all should live.

After moving out from our big house to this relatively small condo unit a year ago, having less but multi-functional items in the house is more convenient and efficient than having too many things that don’t do anything but collect dust.

I think this is what the latest Electrolux Do More With Less campaign wants to impart.

Take for example this Electrolux Range. The stove is actually a huge induction cooker which save a lot of electricity and no need to find space for an LPG. Then the oven which is very energy efficient and cooks dishes fast and right! Size is perfect for condo living as it is a multi-purpose cooker you can do more with just one home/kitchen appliance.

Do More With Less with Electrolux

While I still don’t have this range yet (wishing to have it soonest maybe haha!) I know with this one I can do more with one or two less appliance in the house!

The Do More With Less campaign was launched at the Abensons Global City which aims to empower moms to be more creative and resourceful at home.

Present at the event were electrolux brand ambassadors Cheska Garcia-Kramer, Chef Rosebud Benitrz-Velasco, and Chef Bruce Lim hosted by Cheska Litton. Dough Kramer was also introduced as one of the latest ambassador of Electrolux who, just like the others, shared their home saving and innovative tips.

Electrolux Do More With Less
Guests were also challenged to make something out of used plastic bottles upcycle it into something useful at home.

They also gave away DIY stuff like hiw to make soap out of coffee grounds, air fresheners out of baking soda and a lot more.

With that said Electrolux also invites you to share your lifehacks at home by joining the Reduce Food Waste Challenge on Facebook and win amazing prizes. Visit the Little White Book on Facebook to know more about thr contest.

You may follow @ElectroluxPh on Instagram and Twitter for updates.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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