Would You Consider a Centralized Home Airconditioning System

daikin home central air conditioning system

daikin home central air conditioning system


How many airconditioning unit do you have in your homes? I bet it depends on the number of rooms and household members. In our condo, we have two, one for each bedrooms and we have been considering getting one for the living area. It get really hot and humid living in a closed building.

Just recently I got acquainted with the idea of a Home Central Air Conditioning System because of Daikin which they said they will launch in the country soon. With this new revolutionary technology they will introduce a unified system which incorporates temperature, moisture and air flow control. This wil give every homes the most comfortable cooling accroding to the unique reuirement in each type of room in the house.


They have suggested air cooling sytem for the closet where temperature, moisture and air flow control adjust automatically when the temperature drops to 72 degrees. With this kind of technology, those owning expensive leather shoes and bags will no longer worry about damages in their precios luxury items.

daikin home central air conditioning system

In the kitchen, we typically don’t have air conditioners in it because of the molds and grease the unit can acquire because of all the cooking we do in there. But with the new technology they are introducing this will not be a problem.
 daikin centralized home airconditioning system

For the usual places in our homes with airconditioners, they have units that incorporates well with our interiors. Not bulky not noisy and very functional. I’ve seen the layout and it loosk really nice!

Meanwhile, Daikin has new split air conditioner, the Cooking King, that has lower sound level, even air flow and will not give you that electiricity bill shock you get especially during summer when the aircon unit is in full swing!

The Cooling King has two line-ups the Stanard and Premium both boasing a superior 4-star Energy Efficiency Rate for the Premium. Both has eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant replacing the old R-22 in the market. SOund level is as low as 23 decibels!

 daikin centralized home airconditioning system

If you would like to know more you may visit the Daikin Global website, they have technical support and after sales support for their products. Or visit Daikin Philippines on Facebook for quick questions and info.

How about you, are you still using those window type airconditioner? Time to switch and save on your electricity bills!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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