#WIWTD 62: Hate Late?

Lately, the events I attend always start late. It’s not funny anymore. Seriously.

How and why do we tolerate such culture of tardiness. We should not.

If you work in a per hour basis or in a company, 5 minutes is the only grace period, 10 minutes is already marked tardy, 15 minutes late is already a cut to your pay and 30 minutes to an hour is already considered absent/ no show. So why are we tolerating this again?

It is so disrespectful of the time of everyone attending the event, I don’t care if you are the VIP, the member of the press or even the President of the Philippines. Late is late.

Is logistics your problem ? Say what traffic? If it is important you will do all means to be on time. Unless it is a matter of life and death situation, or emergency case or what, late is late, hate late! Really! We all should!

“Whether it’s genetic, conditioned, or the result of your over-scheduling yourself, being late sends a message that your time is more important than the time of those you’re meeting. Showing up (on time) is the most important thing you can do in life. So make sure it’s on time.”Read this article.

hate late

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The more we tolerate people who are late , the more late everyone will come and no event in the world will ever start on time because everyone will have the thinking that “Oh, the invite says 3pm but no event is always on time anyway, I can come at 9pm.”

What if everyone thinks this way? What if you have your day planned on a strict schedule and everyone shows up late? What if you need to catch a flight and you miss your plane because you are “fashionably late”. Time to change this mentally so we all can be laid back and not rushing things trying to catch up with one appointment after another.

Hate Late

When everyone is on time everyone can sit back and relax and have a good time!

Hate Late

When you arrive on time, you can do so many things the late people can not!

Hate Late

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