#WIWTD: Beach 101 Essentials

The two saddest thing that can happen to a person is: 1) being allergic to chocolates and 2) being afraid of the sun/ not enjoy the beach scene.

If these two things happen to me, just kill me. I don’t want to live anymore. I mean how can one live without chocolates and how can one not love the sand, sun, sea, swimsuit, summer breeze, and sunblock? How?

Beach 101
Beach 101
See, even the Easter Bunny loves the beach!

Beach 101
Beach 101
Haha, that is not really the Easter Bunny, that’s my sisters “mascott” Frank. He has been around the world, has seen the Pyramids, been to the Dead Sea, the red light district of Amsterdam , Dubai, Las Vegas, damn I envy this bunny! Yes this bunny is a jet setter I’ll throw him out to the sea hehe. Joke!

Beach 101
Anyway, if you are heading out to the beach here’s my Beach 101 Essentials, never leave without them!

Beach 101
Beach 101 Essentials:
Rash Guard
Refreshing Drink
Beach Towel
Beach Blanket
Beach Bag/Tote
Waterproof Bag
Beach 101
Beach 101
Beach 101
Beach 101

What I wore:
Tank top Rash Guard: CESA Swimwear
Swimsuit: CESA Swimwear
Sunglasses: JEANS and ROZS
Beach Blanket: LAGU
Sunblock:  SHISIEDO and BELO SunExperts
Beach towel: XTLAS TOWEL
OOTD taken at: Camayan Beach Resort Subic Bay

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Stay gorgeous everyone!

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