Whimsical Jewelry

Have you heard about the latest trend in jewelry? Oprah endorsed and featured this product before. So did the InStyle magazine, Entrepreneur and The Wall Street Journal.

They are cute, whimsical, stylish piece of handcrafted adornments/jewelry that are proudly made in the United States. This product began ten years ago after its designer Ava Minsky Foxman, a full time mom and part time designer began creating some fashionable little figurines out of beads and wires to entertain the kids during a blizzard in New Jersey.

Moonbabies Signature Brooch PinHurricane Hanna Moonbabies Brooch Pin
It was these cute little brooches that made them popular.  On the left was their signature brooch pin and on the right is the Hurricane Hannah brooch pin.

But they don’t limit their products to pins and brooches but they also have Beaded Lanyards that can be worn anyway you like it.
Gold Beaded Moonbabies Lanyard
They have different Lanyards style that can suit anyone’s taste and lifestyle you can go from designer , everyday, novelty, or sporty. But the best one yet to done are their awareness themed lanyards that can go well with their awareness themed brooches.

That is what’s great about them is that they open at coordinating with charitable institutions and organizations to create Fundraising Jewelry At that can help them in their awareness drive and campaigns.

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