VNC 3D Fiber Mascara Review

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VNC 3D Fiber Mascara Review

A full, thick eyelashes is one of my beauty vanity wishes, while it is temporary achievable by using falsies or eyelash extension, both can be high maintenance, addicting and bad for your eyelashes as well.

The best and easiest remedy to create full eyelashes temporarily that you can do everyday is by using masacara.  However, the problem with it, especially if you are using a waterproof mascara is that it is super hard to remove even with eye makeup remover.  You will need to rub your eyes harder and longer just to.makemsure no mascara residue is on your face. Another problem also includes clumping of the lashes if you apply too many coats needed to achieve a full long lashes.

Fortunately? My lash wishes can came true with the VNC 3D Fiber Mascara!

VNC 3D Fiber Mascara review


Product Info

Promises to lengthen lashes upto 300% .  Tube A contains the Transpanting Gel with colagen and Tube B contains the Green Tea Natural Fiber. To be used one after the other to achieve that voluptous, clump-free lashes with a natural curve without using eyelash curler.


Product Shots

VNC 3D Fiber Mascara review

VNC 3D Fiber Mascara review


On Me

This is how my eyeleashes look without the mascara

VNC 3D Fiber mascara review


This is how my eyelashes look after putting on VNC 3D Fiber Mascara

VNC 3D Fiber Mascara review


This is how the mascara looks on me after 6 hours wearing it.

VNC 3D Fiber Mascara price Philippines


VNC 3D Fiber Mascara price Philippines


What I think of it?

I love how it definitely delivers what it promises to do.  My eyelashes definitely got more voluminous just like I am wearing falsies.  You can definitely see the big difference.

I also love how it does not make the eyelashes stick together like other mascara which clumps the lashes together after two or three coats.

Another laudable thing about the VNC 3D Fiber Mascara is that despite being waterproof and smudge proof, it can be easily be removed by water!  Gone are the days of struggling to remove waterproof mascara with makeup remover. Gone are the Panda eyes days just rub with water and it will come off like dirt or dead skin as it will turn flaky/rubbery.

Do I recommend the VNC 3D Fiber Mascara?

Yes. One of the best mascara that delivers its promise: volume, length, curve, smudge proof and does not give you a hard time removing it.

VNC 3D Fiber Mascara will be sold for Php1,800 soon at select beauty counters.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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