The Worst “Luxury Hotel” I’ve Ever Been

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The Worst “Luxury Hotel” I’ve Ever Been

I was torn between blogging this or just to forget it . I don’t want to give them any kind of free publicity,  after all bad publicity is still publicity.  But then again, my  duty as a blogger to inform my readers is what made me decide to blog this anyway.  My readers need to know about the worst luxury hotel I have ever stayed in Baguio City.

So yes,  not everything about my trips are showered with roses and lined in red carpet. There are crappy services , poorly coordinated events and acommodations that are very well disguised by pretty facade and overpriced fees.

Recently, I was in Baguio for the Grab Taxi launch,  we were booked at Crown Legacy Hotel Baguio.

If you look at their website,  they pride themselves as a luxury hotel where one can experience “ultimate relaxation and comfort with style”  and  “legendary royal customer service and accommodation” .  I say this is total bullshit and false advertisement.

Crown Legacy Hotel Baguio review-08-24-07-37-14
Ultimate Relaxation and Comfort with Style?  Is a total joke
After touring the city in the morning as we head back to the hotel to relax and take a nap,  an annoying announcement over a speaker in full volume above our head sounded off.  It was paging the participants of a government office seminar.  They did not just page participants once,but three times with an interval of 3-5 minutes I think.  I was totally pissed and by the third call  I immediately called the front desk and told them to remove my room from their participants paging  it is an utter disturbance. The front desk personnel who answered my call said “I am sorry for that,  don’t worry ma’am it’s the last call for the day.”   Bullshit!  I want to be off the paging list!  Then I slammed the fone and true to what he said it was the last call for the day, (for the day take note)  I was able to take my nap.

The next day,  the speaker sounded off again.  Damn this hotel!   Inconsiderate,  stupid people.   I understand wakeup calls,  I know paging systems,  but it was not suppose to be inside the guests hotel room, aligned directly on the ears of the guest.   We did not checked in the lobby of the hotel or in the airport to hear a customer service paging service from time to time!  That is the stupidest thing ever!

They also page for owners of the car thing which is really annoying! I did not check in and stayed in the lobby did I? Or in the airport lobby or department store!

Do they know how to use the fone? Don’t they have the list of the hotel rooms the participants for any function in their hotel, especially if they are group booking and just call those room one by one for reminders, no over a goddamn overhead speaker inside the guests room! What style are they talking about, overhead speaker paging inside the guests room is totally tasteless! Talk about ultimate relaxation and comfort in style.  Ugh.

The Worst Luxury Hotel In Baguio
Legendary royal customer service and accommodation
Legendary indeed as this is the first time in a so-called Luxury Hotel have I experienced a hotel so poorly lit.  If you follow my Instagram I even posted about our room saying it reminded me of The Ring movie.  The twin sharing room we were in only had 2 outlets by the dresser meant for a lamp that is probably 10watts only and a personal ref.   If you unplug both so you can use to charge your gadgets then the fridge and the lamp will be out.  Ironically,  they have poor electric supply as well,  because my fone that can get full charged in an hour or less coz of my fast charger,  takes forever to charge (4 hours!)  while I can’t even get my powerboats fully charged overnight!  There is no air-conditioner in the rooms,  they solely depend on Baguio’s cool weather (stupid)  at noon the temperature rises and somehow you wanted to get cooled down.  Oh,  their answer for that,  they provide electric fans by request,  if you plug the fan in,  you will be left with one working outlet to charge your gadgets.  Really stupid.

Crown Legacy Hotel Baguio review
The breakfast is a joke,  there’s no grand European buffet,  you only have a choice of Tocilog or Hotsilog served with coffee,  if you want hot chocolate or juice you will have to pay extra. The tocino and hotdog is not even that extraordinary,  it’s like the hotdog from the market not even branded or jumbo hotdog. Same goes for the tocino it’s palengke tocino by the kilo!  The coffee taste like pinagbabaran ng mejas,  they must have brewed more than twice!

About the interiors
There are only four things grand in this so called “luxury hotel” : the grand staircase,  the chandeliers,  the grandfather’s clock and the piano at the hotel lobby.

Crown Legacy Hotel Baguio review worst Luxury Hotel In Baguio

Crown Legacy Hotel Baguio worst Luxury Hotel In Baguio Crown Legacy Hotel Baguio review worst Luxury Hotel In Baguio
The rest is blah.  Those big couches,  office couches scattered on the lobby are too big and uninviting for comfort.   The bed on the rooms are so stiff!  I got backaches on our first night!  Pillows are not even huggable and stuffed and the headboard, smells Yuck!

Crown legacy hotel Baguio worst Luxury Hotel In Baguio
The Bathroom
The only good thing inside the room was the shower. I love big shower heads. The rest was blah. The hair dryer could not even dry my hair because the current is so weak, an electric fan set to #2 as more powerful than their hair dryer. I tried plugging my hair curler to use but it doesn’t even heat it up 🙁

What I think of Crown Legacy Hotel Baguio!

  • Crown Legacy Hotel Baguio is a poor hotel to be called a luxury hotel.  It can be classified as a motel,  a cheap motel.    Sogo is way even better.  Victoria Court is even better.
  • People checking in there are not paying for value. Published price is about Php2,000 +++ a night.
  • I guess the guest are paying for the location?   Because on the hotel building itself are Baguio City’s most celebrated clubs and karaoke place, Spade Superclub, Verve, in spite of the location I’d still say this is the worst.

Crown Legacy Hotel Baguio review worst Luxury Hotel In Baguio City
I don’t recommend people book and stay at Crown Legacy Hotel until the hotel management makes the changes they need to improve their service and be true to what they publish about their so-called Luxury Hotel.   Even their free Wi-Fi in the rooms don’t work! What a joke!

Yes, I sound very unhappy and irrate.  That’s how bad that hotel is. I will also post my bad review on Trip Advisor so the management get their act together and change for the better . Don’t call your hotel luxury hotel if you can’t even provide privacy among your hotel guest with that intrusive in-room Paging service.

How about you, what is the worst hotel you have been yet and what made your stay really bad?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  2. The room reminds me of ‘the lord of the rings’ too. because your face is there too. HAHAHAHHAHA ugly

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