ACER Launches Yuppie-Budget-Friendly Smartphones

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ACER Launches Yuppie-Budget-Friendly Smartphones

With the growing demands of the contemporary work environment, one must be well-equipped with the right gadgets that simplify everyday tasks. Young professionals of today live flexible and fast-paced lives and they are always on the look-out for a companion that can keep up with their lifestyle whether at work or at place.

That is why ACER launches a new lineup of “yuppie-friendly” smartphones that do not only deliver impressive performance but are also friendly to the budget.

ACER yuppie friendly smartphone launch at Metrotent

The ACER Liquid X2, ACER Liguid Z630, ACER Liquid Z530 and ACER Liquid Z330 – are all designed with the needs of the young working force in mind. efficient, powerwul and budget-friendly, these devices are sure to match the lifestyle of a hardworking and spontanenous yuppy.

Acer launches yuppie budget friendly smartphones

ACERLiquid x2 runs on 1.3GHz octa-core, with 4000mAH battery life, Tripple SIM support, with 13MP front and rear camera.

ACER Liquid Z630 can last up to 10 hours talk time, with 1.3GHz quad-core and LTE ready 5.5 inc (120×720) high-definition sim.

ACER Liquid Z530 has 16gb memory with 8 mp wide angle rear camera with easy swipe gestures to access call, camera and music easily.

ACER Liquid Z330 has Bluelightshield techonology to rid of eye-strain from prolonged viewing, with DTS Studio Sound technology perfect for those who loves to listen to music while commuting to and from work.

Acer launches smartphone for yuppies

Price range starts from Php3,990.00 to Php11,990.00 .

To know more about ACER smartphones and other devices visit

Sneak preview, but there’s a new tablet and smartphone that gamers would love to get their hands on, the ACER Predator soon watch out for it!

With so many smartphone brands launching new innovations one after another, how are you gonna pick the gadget to choose for you? It is hard right?

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