When this suspicous looking invitation got to me, my adrenaline was pumping like crazy. I have a childhood dream of being a spy / detective like Sherlock Holmes. Having attended two different events that have required me to tap my inquisitive side, I was hooked. I assumed it was something like it elaborate , critical and time bound investigation of a so-called crime that transpired.

I was one of the early birds for the event and so we were able to see the characters getting ready and dressed-up as their characters. Hmmm… the elevator even have this Gotham City feel with the Gotham City Police District logo was on the wall.

Inside were street signages and some what looked like crime scenes that needs to be searched and investigated. Pretty cool.

Some snacks were offered and then some guy dressed in button-down white shirt with a black tie came to us and asked “Do you want to help solve a crime?” I said yes right away. “I can’t wait! I said.

Then we were handed the frontpage of a newspaper already in a sealed evidence plastic. It was one of the recovered evidences with a riddle printed on it. It was asking us who they kidnapped and they are the new faces of HOOQ with X.L. and J.M. as initials . And then on the scene was a photo with the faces covered. We were asked to solve the riddle . Ah answer was too easy. Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola

Then we were led to the next scene, a joker dollar with another riddle, asking us where is the city that we are in, it’s not the current place that the event is happening, URBN Bar at The Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City Taguig. It is the place where the cape crusader lives. Yes, that.

Another recovered evidence with a riddle was handed out to us again, it asked about being addicting but not a drug, an escape but not a door. Of course what else but HOOQ!

Obviously, you know what the event was all about, it is about HOOQ introducing a new series available to their collection, GOTHAM from Warner Bros. Warner TV.

Gotham is one of my favorite series staring Ben McKenzie as the Young James Gordon and Jada Pinkett Smith as Hawthorne. Gotham is set before Batman was Batman and the crime-riddled Gotham City. It tells the story of the start of everything Batman. I love it, I’m Hooqd.

HOOQ is the first video streaming service in the Philippines to offer access to Gotham and currently has over 30,000 hours of content, including thousands of Hollywood films and widest selection of Filipino-produced content with movies and series from ABS-CBN, GMA 7, Star Cinema, Regal Entertainment and Viva Communications.

You may download the app via Google Play or the Apple Store or log on to www.HOOQ.tv on your browser for access to their library of entertainment. All new users can try out this service for a 30-day free trial. After the 30days you may continue your subscription by subscribing to the monthly fee of Php149.00 which can be charged to your Globe Mobile Phone or credit card. HOOQ comes bundled wirh Tattoo Broadband plans from 2Mbps and up.

Kudos to HOOQ for the effort with the event. Even the pulpit that resembles the Gotham City pulpit and the cool fake eyeglasses!

We are HOOQd
So what are you waiting for get HOOQd today!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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