Kamuning Bakery Celebrates World Pandesal Day


Kamuning Bakery is the oldest Bakery that can be found at Kamuning in Quezon City.  They are the only one awarded as a heritage site for the 75th Diamond Jubillee of Quezon City because of all the history and great pandesal among other traditional baked goodies that can be found and fall in love with here.

Kamuning Bakery

It was a wise decision for Mr. Wilson Lee Flores to procure this bake shop when its original owners decided to sell it because they are migrating to another country. I bet my bottom dollars that the original owners family (the late Atty. Leticia Bonifacio Javier and her husband Marcelo Javier  ,are now sad and happy at the same time as they let go of a treassure that has history screaming which is priceless. But it was a wise decision to have sold it to Mr. Flores (on December 2013) who saw the potential of this bakery (renovated and re-opened on March 2015)  as people now a days are gaga over historical sites and everthing “antique” but working!


Kamuning Bakery #WorldPandesalDay
Pandesal is their most popular baked goody in Kamuning Bakery that people from around the country visit, second favorite here is the egg pie. Why Pandesal is the much loved bread here because they are traditionally baked in a pugon (brick-oven), I was lucky to finally have sampled one for the first time, and now I understand why. They have the regular pandesal and the pan de suelo.

The regular Pandesal is the regular pandesal texture we Filipinos know and love almost every morning of our lives. It usually is available early morning only and gets sold even before mid morning because of the “cult” following. Pandesal is good dip on your coffee yummmmm! Very Pinoy style of eating this breat because the bread is kinda sweet. It is also good as sandwich with cocojams, peanut butter, butter, egg, etc etc etc like everything!

Kamuning Bakery pandesal #WorldPandesalDay
Now the Pan de Suelo  was the first one I had that resembles a Baguette on the outside but very Pandesal on the inside. It’s good to make as sandwich like the ones they serve at Kamuning Bakery, with Ham and Egg, Bacon and Egg, Corned Beef and more. It was sooooo good I finished it all and honestly I wanted more! Haha!

kamuning bakery pan de suelo # WorldPandesalDay
While Pandesal is very Filipino bread, and honestly I am not sure if it existed in other country’s at the moment, but Kamuning Bakery being the pioneer bakery in Quezon City is celebrating a Wolrd Pandesal Day on October 16, 2015, where they plan to.

  • Give away FREE 30,000 pieces of pugon-baked pandesal to all people in our neighborhood and most especially to the urban poor communities of Quezon City.
  • Have a Pandesal Forum with special guest of honor Senator Sonny Angara with media, university professors and public school teachers.
  • Another special guest is actor coming to the forum is Dingdong Dantes of the National Youth Commission.
  • On this same day, open the Kamuning Gallery, which shall showcase contemporary art such as paintings, photography, etc. Opening of photo exhibit by Chris Lucas.

Why “World Pandesal Day”?
The pandesal is the historic and unique national bread of the Philippines, it is bread eaten by the masses, middle-class and by all. The pandesal is a basic necessity of the people, like rice. The humble pandesal bread represents the people’s simple wish for liberation from hunger. Hot freshly pugon-baked pandesal also represents happiness.

kamuning bakery #worldpandesalday
History of Kamuning Bakery Cafe as a favorite of intellectuals:
At Kamuning Bakery Cafe, pandesal, pan de suelo, pan de coco and cakes customers come from all walks of life—from the late pre-war media tycoon Don Alejandro Roces who facilitated sale of land in 1939 at 15 centavos per square meter from the national government to create this bakery, to his son the newspaper publisher & activist Joaquin “Chino” Roces, press freedom stalwart U.P. Dean Armando Malay, the late democracy stalwart President Cory C. Aquino, generations of artists like National Artists Nick Joaquin and Levi Celerio, showbiz celebrities, to a public school student who used to walk here to buy pugon-baked breads for merienda and now the first woman Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

kamuning bakery #worldpandesalday
Kamuning Bakery Cafe is not only Quezon City’s first bakery and Metro Manila’s original artisanal bakery known for upholding old baking and culinary traditions, its diverse clientele include political leaders, writers, artists, showbiz celebrities and many others.

Tradition of affordable good foods, pugon-baked breads, cakes, artisanal coffee: Kamuning Bakery Cafe is located since 1939 at No. 43 Judge Jimenez Street corner K-1st Street, Kamuning, Quezon City. Telephone numbers: 4161637, 9292216, 4126628. It is open up to 12 midnmight daily, serving all-day breakfast meals, pasta, rice dishes, sandwiches, cakes, Third Wave style or artisanal Benguet province coffee, native chocolate tablea brews, juices, etc.

Now that made my heart and tummy full.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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