12 Best Digital Gift Suggestions for Christmas 2015

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12 Best Digital Gift Suggestions for Christmas 2015

When buying digital accessories for yourself , family or friends, where do you go to that you can say the products are authentic and the price is just right? I can’t think of any other places other place but Digital Walker or Beyond the Box, where you can buy some of the best digital gift you can find in the planet. Digital Walker and Beyond the Box are under Digits Trading, the leading gadgets and lifestyle product distributor in the Philippines.

12 best digital gifts of Christmas #BestofDigits2015
Have you visited their stores? I’m sure you’ll love it. You can get lost in the isle and shelves of beautiful gadgets some of which you want for yourself and others. Almost all of my digital accessories are from them and just recently they had the media appreciation day where they revealed The Most Popular Tech Accessories of 2015 which incidentally can be put under your Christmas Tree.  So here they are the as your 12 Best Digital Gift Suggestion of Digits Trading for Christmas #BestofDigits2015.

1. On top of the list is the Braven Balance Waterproof Speakers Php 5,850

Braven Balance Waterproof Speaker #BestofDigits2015
It is a wireless Bluetooth Speaker (and a powerbank with 440maH internal battery) wrapped in IPX7 certified waterproof exterior. It plays 18 hours and features Boost Mode for outdoor settings like probably a barbeque cookout on the rooftop or pool area!

2. Urbanears Platan ADV wireless headphones Php 4,650

Urbanears Platon ADV wireless headphones #BestofDigits2015

This is one of my favorites. I love the soft washable headband with detachable cord and built-in mic and remote with shareable music via Zoundplug. This is perfect for people who are on-the-go because of its collapsible structure.

3. Coloud Hoop Php 1,495

Coloud Hoop best digital gifts

I have sporty friends who love this because its sweat resistant with an adjustable loop that keeps it in place. The reflective cableis perfect for bikers or late night runs. The good thing is the Hoop enables the wearer about the noice from traffic surrounding them (which is good for their safety) but the sound quality does not suffer even. It also has builtin microphone and remote allowing them to pick up and answer calls.

4. Marshall Killburn Php16,950

Marshall Kilburn best digital gift Marshall Kilburn best digital gift

I love this portable vitage-y looking speaker. It has killer sound quality that is adjustable using the analog knobs. Best thing is its bluetooth compaitble and it has a 3.5mm jack . You can play up to 20 hours with this built-in battery !

5. Jaybird X2 Wireless Earbuds Php 8,950


The Jaybird has a cult following inspite of the price. The best digital gift for extreme adventure sport enthusiast friend or family. It is sweat-proof bluetooth earbuds deliver superior sound for music and calls that can not be compared to any headset around. Enjoy ski-free music outdoors with its Signal Plus and playtime to a solid 8 hours . Oh yeah it has remote control too.
6. Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 Php4,950

Soubdfreaq Sound Kick 2

It’s the first ever wtar-resistant wireless speaker with built in passive radiator enhanced bass. Size is so compact that you can bring it along anywhere you want without taking too much space.

7. Boostcase Gemstone Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus Php 4,450

Bootcase gemstone battery case for iPhone6 plus and iPhone 6s Plus

If you’re an iPhone user you will love this as you know how iPhones drain batteries fast. With his bootcase you can boost up your battery life upto 60%! the design has a stand-alone protective case with attachable battery sleeve . while the Gemstone edition has a Snap Case for added drop protection. The transucent design is perfect for showing-off your Apple gadgets!

This is one of the  best digital gift you can give to your iPhone users!

8. Nude Audio Speaker Php4,550

Nude Audio Super M

Compact bluetooth, waterproof housing with protective shockproof silicone sleeve that you can bring along everyone but the sound quality never suffers because of the 4 full-range drivers and 2 passive subwoofers for that 360 degree sound!

9. RHA T20 Php13,150

RHA T20 best digital gift

Another one with a cult following, the T20 in-ear headphone features the revolutionalry DualCoil dynamic driver technology that can outperform conventional drivers in levels of sound resolution, clarity and detail. The injection molded stainless steel housings feature a tuning filter system to adjust the sound signature, while a comfortable, noise isolating fit is ensured by patent pending, moldable over-ear hooks.

10. Native Union Jump Php 2,250

Native Union jump cable
Its the world first ever 2-in-1 charging cable and portable batter booster. The double edge plug lets you plug in your device for up to 30% extra battery power when you are on the go, or use its Lightning to USB connectors to charge from any USB power outlet. The size of a matchbox and weighing just 42g, the Jump is compact enough to take with you everywhere.

11. Scoshe Mount Dash Php1,295

Scosche Mount Dash #BestofDigits2015

Beauty bloggers will love this as they can easily mount ths on their makeup dresser or room wall and conveniently mount your mobile device that perfect handsfree selfie makeup video tutorial! Yay! Its award-winning MagicMount magnetic mounting system enables it to be mounted on any type of surfaces, car dashboard, headrest, bike or treadmill!

12. Momax Selfie Hero Pod Stick Php1,750

Mom x Selfie Hero Pod Stick

I’m so happy to have this Momax Selfie Hero Pod and I bet my bottom-dollars my beauty blogger friend want their hands on this accessory too. This selfie pod stick has Bluetooth remote control where you can take images at more diverse angles and distances. Take better #FOTDs with the multi-angle and 720 degree shots with its selfie feature!

My blogger friends Rodel, Ruth and John (we fondly call ourselves #teamsuspects) love Digits Trading and what they have on their best digital gifts list or best of 2015 most popular tech accessories of 2015.

#teamsuspects Best Digital gifts of 2015
Now that you know the best digital gifts for Christmas head on to the nearest Digital Walker or Beyond the Box store near you, I’m sure you want to! You have 25 days before Christmas!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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