Holiday Mane: Metallics Colors + Milbon Hair Treatment

It has been a year since I had my hair colored and so when Cedar Salon invited me for My Holiday Mane makeover I did not hesitate.

Jake, Cedar Salon’s head stylist, checked my hair and said he will be doing the Schwarzkopf New Igora Royal Metallics Trend Collection which involves colors with a mettalic, irridescent polish. The coloring technique includes lustrous tones that coast from warm to cool add a bold, unique touch to hair, giving you fashionably brilliant locks that aim—and succeed—to dazzle.

Holiday Mane Metallic Colors

I trust that he knows what he is doing and I am bold enough to try any hair color. In fact I am dying to get my hair dyed platinum white or grey just because. Jake said my hair is so black! It was the blackest hair he had seen “You are one of those who have really blessed hair” he said.

This is how my hair look like before the makeover:

Cedar Salon Holiday Mane makeover

He instructed his assistant on what to do with my hair and I overheard him saying do the virgin hair coloring treatment on her.

Holiday Mane

After more than an hour, my hair color was evened to a dark brown tone. But Jake was not satisfied yet so he put another hair color to kill the red copperish undertones of my hair. After more than an hour later, he was happy with the result. And had instructed his assistant to do highlights on me.

Cedar Salon Holiday Mane

After the highlights, a hair treatment was applied on my hair so as to repair and prevent further damages caused by the hair coloring. They used the Japanese brand Milbon named Linkage Meu, it is a deep-conditioning treatment done in three step process. First is to soften the hair using the amino oil to smoothen the hair’s surface. Followed by a veil that seals in moisture. Then a smoothening collagen is applied as a top coat.

Milbon Hair Treatment

Cedar Salon


Five hours later….



Holiday Mane Metallic Colors + Milbon Hair Treatment


I love my holiday mane, it is kinda tri-color with a honey base and bold highlights. I love how soft , smooth and light as a feather my hair feels like after all that we did. It doesn’t feel corse or burnt or ruined hair, its all because of the Milbon treatment. It did the trick.  I also love the metallic color they applied on my hair as my hair looks very shiny and smooth.

Thank you Martha and Jake for my holiday mane!  I love it!

Holiday Mane c/o Cedar Salon

Again here’s side by side look of my before and after look

Holiday Mane Cedar Salon


The next day I attended events, and all the people I saw said my new hair color suits me and that I am exhuding a different aura with this new hair. I was advised to wear darker lips to make me look fierce haha.

My Holiday Mane c/o Cedar Salon

If you want to explore metallic color choices and / or experience standout smooth hair care that’s the signature Milbon and get my Holiday Mane look for yourself, book an appointment at Cedar Salon.

Cedar Salon is located at 200 A Wilson St., Addition Hills, San Juan. Follow them on social media via Facebook at  and follow @CedarSalon on Twitter and Instagram.

Cedar Salon Wilson St. Greenhills

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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