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#2016Elections soon. I am starting this post with an apology to my regular readers whom may not want to hear or read about politics as early as today especially from a candidate they may have blocked from the people they are thinking of voting just because he is connected with a controversial personality.

If you have read as far as here, Thank You. I know that Philippines politics is a tricky topic to touch. But humor me.

In all honesty, I have not made up my mind on whom to vote for this 2016 Philippines National Elections #2016Elections . With all the limited choices we had, it is hard to decide. Personally, my final decision will come out until the last few days. For now I want to hear out the candidates who gets a lot of bad publicity by the present administration, just because

Senator Gregorio B. Honasan is one of the not so popular/ favorite candidates as a Vice Presidentiable because he is the running mate of Presidential Candidate Jeojomar Binay #TeamBINGO and I am glad his social media guy invited me over for an intimate talk with the Senator for #TeamGRINGO .

The burning question is, why did he accept to run with Binay?

Why Sen. Honasan agreed to run with VP Binay? Is he not afraid his reputation will be dragged down as well? Hear it straight from the horses mouth:

In jist, Sen. Honasan’s said it was not his choice but the party (UNA’s) choice. As for the allegations of corruptions being thrown against Binay he said let the proper courts / rule of law decide if VP Binay is guilty or not. What he is gunning after running with Binay was his good governance track record as Gringo said he had seen in Makati, the Housing Authority, the OFWs he has served in office.

Another hot topic is the China Invasion in Philippine Territories , so we asked Gringo how he will deal with a problem like China.

Generally, he wants everyone to be involved at resolving the problem by calling the sympathy and support of the world. He agrees with going to court of International Laws. He also agree for a mutual-understanding relationship between the party countries while the International Court is hearing out the case. Please watch the video above to hear his suggestion clearly. It makes sense.

Of course we asked, what will be his first priority if he will be elected the Vice President of the Philippines?

Sen. Honasan said: “I would push for a prioritized program to address Peace and Order muna para pag tingin natin sa China 100% na tayo namamanage na natin yung situation nating dito hindi na tayo magulo.”

Also he wants to repeal or amend the Internal Revenue Code, the Auditing Code, and Local Government Code . We decentralized the authority and responsibility but not the money. “Kaya nakapila yung mga local governement imbis na magtrabaho nakapila sa national government para humingi ng share nila. Share mo na nga  yung internal revenue allotment para irelease sa iyo. At pag pila mo tatanungin ka pa kung administration ka or opposition. Pag opposition ka dun ka pumila sa likod,” Sen. Honasan expounded.

#2016Elections #TeamGringo Sen. Honasan for VP

What is his stand on the RH Bill?
He voted no on it, but he said he is for population management/ regulation laws.

On Traffic problem, he said we should look closely on our Land and Water Use Policy in short better implementation and administration of Urban planning.

Will there be a chance that Sen. Honasan will start another coup de etat?  He said at this point he think he will have a hard time to recruit, there must be a compelling reason to launch one but he can do it.  But Sen. Honasan said he is way past that.  While he can he won’t anymore.  But he said the only way to fight an idea for a coup de etat, rebellion, terrorism, insurgency is by fighting it with a better idea, like good governance.

For the younger generations, you may have read about Sen. Honasan a.k.a Gringo as one of the guys who helped make the EDSA REVOLUTION 1/ Peoples Power in 1986 successful. He is a soldier, a rebel, a senator and served the country for more than half of his life. 17 years a soldier, 17 years a senator . All major laws, especially the Clean Air Act, Solid Waste Management law and yes the FOI bill are some of the laws he helped pen/support as a lawmaker. You can read more about him here.

There were other topics we talked about during the blogcon but for now these are the hot topics I want to share with everyone. If you have any other question in mind maybe I can ask the Senator himself again. As for now, it was a nice meeting with #TeamGringo. This post does not mean I am already casting my vote for him this #2016Elections, like I said I am still undecided. I think I want to hear what the other VP candidates has to say.

How about you, who is your VP prospect? I suggest let us all pray to make a wise decision, think carefuly, do not decide on personalities but the track record, real results not hearsays or peer pressure.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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