ASUS Zenfone Max #SeeMoreWithFullCharge – Review

ASUS Zenfone Max #SeeMoreWithFullCharge –  Review

ASUS Zenfone Max #SeeMoreWithFullCharge, is part of the line-up of ground-breaking offerings of ASUS Philippines this 2016. I am one of the first to try out this fone and I will be road-testing this at Sinulog Festival this weekend in Cebu! Yes, I’m excited about this trip and this phone, obviously.

Anyway, the Asus Zenfone Max is a smartphone that boast of 50000mah battery life with a stand-by time up to 38 days! Sounds unreal. But this is perfect for travellers and professionals alike. I’m as skeptic as yours and definitely Sinulog festival will be one of the venues to perfectly test how reliable is the battery life! You see to be on the safe side you should not bring too many important or expensive gadgets with you when you #SeeSinulogUpClose because inspite of it being a Catholic celebration of faith, non-Catholics come too and even the thieves thrive in the crowd to find a victim so beware.

I plan to bring only the #ZenfoneMax when I go around the festivities in Cebu just to be on the safe side. Let us all see if I survive.

Meanwhile, here’s the first look of the ASUS Zenfone Max for you with a sample first shot I took with it. Full review , with price and specs to follow soon!

Asus Zenfone Max

Asus Zenfone Max

Asus ZenFone Max

Sample shot / first shot with the Zenfone Max
Asus ZenFone max test shot

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The Verdict

Asus Zenfone Max review

After testing the Asus Zenfone Max on my recent trip in Cebu to capture the colors and feel of the Sinulog festival using this camera fone here what I think of it:

If not on WiFi or on Data the Asus Zenfone  Max can last for 3 or more days without charging,  I am just so used of charging right away when I see my fone battery level reach 20% but with this one you can last whole day with the 20% battery level left. On WiFi or data the fone will last a whole day and a half but if you use it like I do,  I snap chat,  I IG,  I Facebook,  I Watsapp, I

It’s a good back up phone especially if you have the dual usb cable and use it as a charger for your main phone.

It’s very light and photos fare well especially on low light settings.

Taking a  selfie with the Zenfone  Max is rad,  you  can make adjustments event before taking the shot,  you can make your eyes big,  your face slimmer,  your pores tighter.  All sorts of beautification enhancement you normally do after taking the shot.

Price is so unbelievable,  with such a powerful battery capability of 5000mah, with 13mp rear and 8mp front camera and gorilla corning glass display,  it is only sold at Php8, 495.00!  It come in white eggshell or black leather case too.

You may see my Sinulog Photo Diary using the Zenfone Max and Zenfone Zoom here.


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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