7 Foods You Should Try The Next Time You Visit Australia

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7 Foods You Should Try The Next Time You Visit Australia

As a random citizen who likes food, I personally believe that no country can top America when it comes to the great selection of artery clogging food. Now, I’ll try reviewing another country’s cultural snacks. This is in honor of January 26, which is the official National Day of Australia for those who didn’t know.

Chiko Roll
chikoroll Aussie food
Usually found at football matches as well as many Aussie fish-and-chips shops, the Chiko is actually a Chinese egg roll, slightly different because of its size. Enough to be consumed as a whole meal. It is filled with more than just shredded cabbage. It typically contains beef, carrots, barley, onions, and beans. All the shebang!

Australian Hamburger with “The Lot”
Aussie food Hamburger with the lot
Every country I went to serves their own version of hamburger, and while Aussies did not invent hamburger, they sure are creative when it comes to creating one. If you order a burger with “the lot”, you’ll receive one loaded with a runny fried egg, bacon, cheese, pineapple, tomato, lettuce, onion, and tomato sauce. Kind of makes some hamburgers tiny in comparison.

Bacon and Egg Pie
Aussie food bacon and egg pie
Bacon and egg in one single slab of goodness. Oftentimes they also serve it with fries and tomato sauce. This is what I call a filling breakfast. Australians are obsessed with savory, something filled pies. The meat pie here can be made with anything from steak to minced beef and lamb, but the crowd favorite is still the good ol’ bacon and eggs. Hmmm, bacoooon.

Potato Cakes
Aussie food potato cakes
What’s this rage over potatoes? Here, Aussies are challenging us for some deep-fried fatty action.
Knowing that a plate of fish and chips won’t be enough to satisfy many people, many chippers began serving their fish with potato cakes, which is basically just giant circles of mashed potatoes deep-fried through the inch of their life. This will put any French fries to shame.

Boston Bun
Aussie food boston bun
Not to be confused with boston crème, Aussies gets bonus points for blaming Boston over this monstrosity. I’ve never been to Massachussetts, but I’m pretty sure that they don’t have a spiced potato bun covered in heaps of lucious and sweet coconut icing. In Australia, this mysteriously named treats are paired with a cup of black tea. Yum.

Dagwood Dog
Aussie food dagwood dog
Listen, “dawg”. I’m not saying that Australians are American’s foodie soul mates, but look at this food. Does it remind you of something? Dagwood dogs looks like a corn dog’s beach-lovin’ cousin. This food is widely sold during summer festivals (state fairs) and while they may look the same as corn dogs, their distinction comes from being pre-dipped in ketchup for quick walking and eating.

Aussie food croquembouche
I know, I know, it’s a mouthful, but I’m telling you that this snack pastry is literally a mouthful goodness and will remind you of the time when you first fell in love. This French dessert made it to the heart of Aussies all around.
Adriano Zumbo, the most popular patisserie in Australia also serves macaron tower and V8 cake and has appeared on MasterChef as a guest. If pastries’ all you care about, then here’s the place to find it.

Know other Aussie-born cultural snack? Share it with us!

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