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Why Get a Digital Photo Frame?

Digital photo frames I think is categorized as a want more than a need. But when I started organizing my closet and everything else since the New Year started, I realized thatvorganizing my digital files memory in my gadget is a must.

I think I have more than a million digital photo file, stored in my laptop, phone, digicam memory, external memory drives and even at online memory drives, Facebook, Flicker,  Photobucket and others.  Sometimes, I use my laptop, computer or tablet to view the photos as random slides when my gadgets are on sleep mode.  I have to admit that photos takes most of my gadget’s memory that sometimes I have to delete some in time.

Luckily, I was able to get digital photo frames from YiLinker this Holiday season, while it got caught up in between the Christmas break I was able to receive it as soon as the break is over. I suggests if you are a photo enthusiasts like me you will be glad to get a digital photo frame too.

Digital Photo Frame

Why Get A Digital Photo Frame/s (Pros)

It was one of the best purchase I made because I was able to unload my fones and laptops memory and was able to organize photos.

I got two photo frames in black and while. One I used for family photos and the other for all my personal photos from my trips and blogging events.

Saves all your other gadgets memory by unloading photos off it.

You can display and see the photos you have all the time and its not jusopened when you remember to look at them.

Asidefrom previewing photos you can also use it to watch movies or listen to music.

I love that it has a remote control so you can also use it for presentations to clients in an intimate setting.  So instead.of bringing your laptop you can just bring this and save yourself from carrying heavy load or fear of getting your expensive pappy stolen.

It doesn’t have an internal memory but you can use USB drive, external drive, micro SD or SD cards. You can also plug it on your laptop or TV for simultaneous broadcast or viewing .


The only problem I have with this digital photo frame was it is not the chargeable or battery powered type, so I need to have it plugged in every time I want to view photos , watch movies or listen to music.  I am sure there are other photo frames with battery or are chargeable maybe you should get that type to avoid having too many things plugged in a power outlet at home.

Like I mentioned, I got the Digital Frames at Yilinker for Php1,700++ only.  Not a bad price for something nice although I got it for free since I was one of the bloggers tapped to test out if this new online shopping destination works and find out glitches in their system. As far as I’m concerned I shopping experience, delivery was pleasant with a glitch with the giving me an item I did not ordered which they noticed a few hours after I received it. But since it was  Holidays and they are a new player, I will let them go on that one.

How about you have you tried shopping with them yet? How was your experience?  Let me know on the comment section below!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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