Eureka! The Cheapest Filipino Electric Home Appliances Brand is 20 Years Old!

Eureka Electric Appliances

I just had a Eureka moment recently when I got acquainted with the cheapest Filipino home appliances brand you can find in the market.  The drop jaw moment was that they’ve been in the country for 20 years and I just knew about them now!  Eureka!


How did I find out about them?  I was invited to Eureka Electric Home Appliances pre-anniversaryparty and enjoyed the price is right kind of game with them.  The guess the price game floored me as what the owners said expensive was really cheap to my ears.


Imagine a microwave oven that has both baking, roastjng and toasting capabilities for Php2,999.00 only?   A glass type tempered glass single burner gas stove for Php799 !   A multi-function high-end type of rice cooker for Php799, An Aircon worth Php2,999.00 ?  And a blender for Php799.  Seriously?


That pricing  is a great price point for the penny pinching, practical  shopper especially those thinking of Christmas Gifts or even Wedding Gifts for family, friends and loved ones!


What’s great is that aside from being cheap they offer 1 year free home service of their appliances!  And beyond that one year you can just pay the minimum amount for transportation costs!  Isn’t that amazing!


Eureka Electric Appliances Phil’s Corp. has over 100 service centers around the country!  Their product line includes Electric fans, water dispensers, washing machines and dryers, air-conditioned, refrigerators and chest freezers.  They also have stoves, induction cooker, microwave ovens, oven toasters, rice cookers, blenders, airpots and krttle.


You may visit if you would like to purchase their products but you can also find them in major appliances centers in the country.


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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