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Let Me Tell You What Is A Modern Filipina

Modern Filipina, do you have a concept of what it is?

To me, a Modern Filipina is not a pushover.  She knows her rights and fights for it.  She doesn’t stay quiet and take BS. She goes for what she wants . She is an achiever.  She doesn’t step on anyones foot. She is loving, caring and thoughtful but she also knows how to take care of herself. She does not abandon. She inspires. She is an enabler.

Yesterday, Creamsilk spearheaded an event to celebrate the #ModernFilipina.  The Philippine’s top magazines gathered in one venue to put a spotlight on the modern FIlipina to enjoy a glamorous, empowering and inspiring acivitity to help kick off each women attendees transformation . Workshops on fashion, beauty, confidence building and hair care are just few of the the things that happened at the event venue.

Modern Filipina Creamsilk Transformations

Modern Filipina Creamsilk Transformations

Photo booths were scattered all over the place so everyone can capture their transformations that day.  Sara Black was there taking photos and teaching everyone how to look their best in any photo shoot, which is really cool, although I did not get a chance to have a shoot with her as the stub for the number of people she was alloted to shoot are already taken (bummer).

To cap it all off, the first ever live cover shoot of the top women magazines Yes! Metro, Cosmopolitan, Preview, Meg and Mega happened with Heart Evangelista, Rachelle Ann Go, Colleen Garcia, Julie Ann San Jose, Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman as the Creamsilk Covergirls and yes brand ambassadors of Creamsilk who embodies the essence of a #ModernFilipina .

It was hard to take photos of the the live shoot with all the people in the event venue  (something any media who went there to cover gets frustrated about)…  So, I just got backstage pass, to have #selfie with the stars (backstory on how I got there? I’ll never tell).  But here are the backstage photos, you cannot see anywhere.

Modern Filipina Yassi Pressman Nadine Lustre #CreamsilkTransformations

#ModernFilipina #CreamsilkTransformations Julia Ann San Jose

Rachel Ann Go Modern Filipina #CreamsilkTransformations

Heart Evangelista Modern Filipina #CreamsilkTransformations

Modern Filipina Yassi Pressman Nadine Lustre

Ms. Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach was able to make it to the event but her bodyguards from Ms. Universe were really strict and tight so I was not able to take a backstage hanash #selfie with her.  This was her first public appearance in the Philippines as Ms. Universe btw.  She just got back from the U.S.  Pia also went through a lot of transformations to get to where she is that is why she is also a perfect brand ambassador of Creamsilk and the #CreamsilkTransformations campaign.

How about you, what is your concept of a Modern Filipina?  what do you think of the latest lineup of brand ambassadors of Creamsilk?   Were you at the #CreamsilkTransformations event how was your experience?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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